New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Shannon Shaw

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Shannon Shaw - What's In My Bag? - Amoeba Music

We were delighted to have Bay Area indie/garage artist Shannon Shaw visit Amoeba Hollywood recently to talk about some of her current musical interests and a few of the records that shaped her tastes in our latest What's In My Bag? episode. "I found a box of tapes that changed my life," she told us. Among those beloved tapes were an OMD album, '80s skate thrash, and the oldies compilations Cruisin' that feature old radio DJ interludes. Having found an LP of Cruisin' 1960 at Amoeba, she waxed nostalgic about obsessively listening to those tapes for two years. "I feel privy to a slice of life that I missed." 

Shannon Shaw is a founding member of the eponymous Shannon and the Clams. After bassist/vocalist Shaw met guitarist Cody Blanchard at California College of the Arts in the late '00s, the Shannon In Nashvilleduo began performing their signature hybrid of classic garage, doo-wop, and old school R&B. The band's current lineup solidified with the recruitment of keyboardist Will Sprott and drummer Nate Mahan. The group's debut album, I Wanna Go Home, was released in 2009. Sleep Talk followed in 2011. Next came Dreams in the Rat House (2013), Gone by the Dawn (2015), and Onion (2018), which was produced by Dan Auerbach for his Easy Eye Sound label.

Shaw has also contributed to queercore/garage group Hunx & His Punx, singing and playing bass alongside frontman Seth Bogart. Shaw and Auerbach teamed up again for the release of her debut solo LP, 2018's vintage-inflected Shannon in Nashville

The first thing Shaw found when she walked into Amoeba Hollywood was a poster for the Disney thriller The Watcher In The Woods. " "I'm an illustrator and this is my favorite style of illustration," she said of the now classic style of '80s movie posters. Shaw was also excited to find an LP copy of Caetano Veloso's self-titled album. "I never want it to be over," she proclaimed. "He has such a compelling, emotional story." Shaw also picked up a live Scott Walker record, as well as a CD by another Bay Area artist Dick Stusso. "(He) is one of my favorite artists right now," she said of the indie rocker. "He's someone that should be much larger."

But what are Shannon Shaw's two favorite books? And just which Bobby Darin song was her "soundtrack" since she was a little kid? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Shannon Shaw - What's In My Bag?
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