Amoeba SF's Top In-Stores of 2018

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By Brent James

Whether you’ve attended one of our amazing live shows or maybe even a more casual event such as an album signing, there’s no doubt that there’s never a dull moment at an Amoeba Music brick and mortar store! While every gig here in the store is special, here’s a list of the top shows of 2018 that really blew our socks off! In no particular order…

1. Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, Friday May 18th, 2018

The show kicked off with a procession (led by King Idris of course) that started off at the stage and snaked around the store. Snatching anything and everyone in its path, the band eventually made it back to the stage and kicked off a rousing 45 minute set of material from the band's latest release, An Angel Fell. Watching Idris do his thing would be almost enough to satiate even the most hardened music/Jazz fan, but The Pyramids held their own-laying the foundation for what turned out to be a top notch Jazz show that had jaws dropping and eyes widened with adoration from an appreciative crowd. Even the legendary Rhodessa Jones was in attendance. The evening truly had a special feel to it.

Idris Ackamoor

2. The Motels, Friday April 5th, 2018

What an absolute DREAM it was to host the legendary Martha Davis and The Motels on the Amoeba Stage! Playing in support of their latest album, The Last Few Beautiful Days, Davis and Co. tore through a set of familiar classics and newer, soon-to-be Motels staples that left jaws dropped and a the crowd wanting more! See them when you get the chance.

The Motels

3. CHAI, Wednesday March 7th, 2018

Hailing from Japan, this is the second time CHAI have graced us with their presence here at Amoeba SF! One can always count on this band to bring high theatrics, snappy covers, and, of course, top notch catchy tunes. We’re already anticipating their return!


4. Starcrawler, Friday November 30th, 2018 

Starcrawler has some serious fans who came early, rocked out, and were extra enthusiastic while singer/performance artist Arrow De Wilde rolled around on the stage, lurched and lunged, spitting water and "blood" on them. Guitarist Henri Cash, resplendent in a green suit, with custom embroidery done in a nouveau Nudie-esque style strutted across the stage and down through the audience playing. He even pulled a young fan onstage at the end and handed his guitar to her to play them off! Austin, and bassist Tim Smith held it down throughout. Heavy, rock solid.

Starcrawler Amoeba SF

5. Alice Bag, Sunday March 25th, 2018

Billed as a "mini-set," this show was anything but! Popping on at 2pm sharp, Alice and company tore through a 30 minute set that caught the store on FIRE! It was surreal to see the punk legend right before our eyes, but shock quickly made way for adrenaline and instantly the matinee crowd of 50 started thrashing and sweating and singing along. Relying on mostly new material, Alice Bag had us all the palm of her hand.

Alice Bag

6. Ace of Cups, Thursday November 15th, 2018

The Cups opened with the first song they ever wrote, way back when, "Waller Street Blues." It was named for the street they were hanging out on in the '60s, just a block away from Amoeba San Francisco! It was so right to have the Ace of Cups playing to support their album (50 years in the making) right where it all began. Their cover of Bill Withers' "Grandma's Hands," complete with a "No Diggity" breakdown in the middle, brought Amoeba staff out from all corners of the store. After the show, their fans came from all directions to meet these super cool chicks and get stuff signed. Truly an historic event!

Ace of Cups

In addition to the dynamite live shows we had the absolute pleasure of witnessing, there were a few album signings/meet and greets that deserve honorable mention: who could forget the Calpurnia event? Over 600 fans lined up (some overnight) for a glimpse of their idols at 10am on a SUNDAY?


Or Andrew W.K. reminding us that all we really need to get through these often trying times is a good old fashioned PARTY?

Andrew W.K., Sam Chase, Kiki

How about the photo event with Aggretsuko?


Proof that on any given day, of any given week there is plenty to do and something for everyone here at Amoeba Music San Francisco! 2019 is already shaping up to be a banner year for shows and events, will we see YOU among the stacks?

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