Concert Videos Salute To 15 Years Of Mezzanine: Latest SF Club To Fall “Victim To Corporate Greed & Commercial Development”

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Beloved Downtown San Francisco dance/concert club Mezzanine, a staple of the City’s nightlife for the past 15 years, today shared the bad news that it is being forced to close its doors due to its landlord refusing to renew their lease which ends in ten months in October 2019. “I was disappointed that the owners of the building didn’t give me an opportunity to renegotiate a new lease,” said Mezzanine owner Deborah Jackman in a prepared statement.

An independent business with 35+ employees, Mezzanine had the distinction of being the largest female owned music venue in San Francisco with an in-house all female talent buying team. With a passion for quality beat-driven artists from all genres, since 2003 the venue has hosted an endless list of talented performers (local, national and international) that have included DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, Run The Jewels, Mos Def, Giorgio Moroder, De La Soul, DJ Q-bert solo and with Invisibl Skratch Piklz, DJ AM (RIP), Kool Keith, Ghostface Killah, Jimmy CliffDJ ZephAzeem, Katy Perry, Florence + The Machine, Lady Gaga, A-Trak, Afrolicious, Psychic TV, Doc Martin, The Pack, The Glitch Mob, LCD Soundsystem Equipto & Z-Man, Snoop Dogg, Tricky, Hudson Mohawke, The Faint, ABC, Front 242 and Big Freedia.

The refusal to negotiate on the lease hit club owner Jackman hard.  “I was further disappointed that my request for a three month extension, so that we could close out 2019 was rejected,” she said. Like so many longtime independent businesses in San Francisco’s out-of-control real estate market, where booming tech companies drive the marketplace prices and profits upwards at a rapid pace, the small business simply could not compete. Owner Jackman described her San Francisco club's forced closure as  “most disturbing” because she said, “like so many other cultural institutions [Mezzanine] has fallen victim to corporate greed and commercial development.”

Reportedly the owners of the building that Mezzanine is located in are in a lucrative business deal with Colton Commercial & Partners Inc who are looking to replace the venue with commercial office space that they project can maximize rent at a 600% increase. Mezzanine’s departure will leave a noticeable gap in the city’s once vibrant nightlife landscape. In honor of Mezzanine’s fifteen year legacy (sixteen after it closes) below are a dozen random live concert videos at the SF club dating from the last decade up to last month; many fan-made but all passion-fueled performances. While you still can go out and enjoy Mezzanine’s always quality entertainment; see full listing of upcoming events at the club website

Mezzanine for so many memorable music nights in San Francisco!

A-Trak @ Mezzanine during Fool's Gold Tour (2007)

DJ ZephAzeem @ Mezzanine (2007)

Kool Keith Ultramagnetic MC's "Poppa Large" @ Mezzanine (2009)

Lady Gaga "Just Dance" live @ Mezzanine (2009)

Jimmy Cliff "The Harder They Come" Mezzanine (2010)

Invisibl Skratch Piklz (DJ Q-bert, D-Styles, Shortkut) @ Mezzanine during FaderFest (2011)

Ghostface Killah closing freestyles @ Mezzanine (2011)

Afrolicious @ Mezzanine during SF Funk Fest (2011)

ABC @ Mezzanine (2014)

Front 242 "No Shuffle" @ Mezzanine (2017)

De La Soul (with Dres from Black Sheep) @ Mezzanine NYE (2017)

The Faint @ Mezzanine last month (2018)

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