Amoeba Music New Hip-Hop Top 5 [Video Version]: Eminem, Russ, Jean Grae & Quelle Chris, Hobo Johnson, Jedi Mind Tricks

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Top Five New Hip-Hop 09:07:18 [Video Version]

1: Eminem Kamikaze (Aftermath)

With no fore notice but with a lot of reaction Eminem unleashed his controversial new album 
 Kamikaze (Aftermath) that attacks such younger gen rappers as Lil Pump, Lil Yachty and Lil Xan and pissed off such offended younger rappers as former fan Machine Gun Kelly. The new album follows EM's late 2017 album Revival (also on vinyl/LP) and sales wise this new unannounced album has fared better than it. Despite the fact that the album was a total last minute release and that it has been critically panned by many reviewers it has been one of the most successful selling albums in recent history for any artist with the latest sales figures indicating that it has sold a total of 400K already in its first week. No doubt the very public feud with Machine Gun Kelly will continue to fuel album sales. Below is the offiical music video for the controversial Kamikaze  track "Fall" that is seen as attackingTyler, The Creator. 

1: Eminem "Fall" from the album  Kamikaze (Aftermath)

2:  Jean Grae & Quelle Chris Everything's Fine (Mello Music/Fat Beats) 

Physical version of super rap duo  Jean Grae & Quelle Chris' acclaimed 2018 collaborative album Everything's Fine  (Mello Music/Fat Beats). The "Everythng's Fine" title is a sarcastic way of summing up the state of affairs in this present day (far from fine) or as the New York (by way of Detroit) Quelle Chris was quoted on his Bandcamp page upon the initial release of the project: "We have a dickhead for a president, and before our eyes, racial, religious, and sexual identity rights are moving backwards.....Money is still a thing (I’m waiting for Star Trek life to start). There’s war, your kids may be sick, but if someone randomly asks "how's it going?" most people will say "fine."  The recommended album's overall humorous vibe and sound is captured in the video below for the album track "Gold Purple Orange."

2:  Jean Grae & Quelle Chris "Gold Purple Orange" from Everything's Fine (Mello Music/Fat Beats) 

3: Hobo Johnson The Rise of Hobo Johnson (Warner Brothers)

Hobo Johnson’s 2017 album The Rise of Hobo Johnson got slept on by the general public. That was until earlier this year following the success of the NPR Tiny Desk viral video of him and his backing band The Lovemakers’ inspired live version of “Peach Scone.” The Rise of includes such other already underground favorite artist songs as “Sex In The City,” “Romeo & Juliet,” (video below) “Dear Labels” and “Father” by the artist who falls under the category of alternative hip-hop. Hobo Johnson is the alter ego of Sacramento's Frank Lopes. The Rise of Hobo Johnson is the second album by the young artist (oringally named Homeless Johnson), born in 1996, whose autobiographically titled debut album “1994 Toyota Corolla” was inspired by the model of car he was living in after his father kicked his teenaged son out of the house.

3: Hobo Johnson "Romeo & Juliet" from The Rise of Hobo Johnson (Warner Brothers)

4: Russ ZOO (Columbia/Legacy)

Like so many popular rappers today, who can make both hardcore rap and melodic hip-hop that crosses over into smooth R&B, so too does Russ on his new ZOO album track "Serious." The single is one of 14 songs by Atlanta rap star Russ whose first advance single from this sophomore album was "The Flute Song" (video below). Other standout songs on ZOO (title apparently inspired by how he views the craziness of his life) include "Last Forever (feat. Rick Ross & Snoop Dogg), "Outlaw," and "Missing You Crazy."  With self-production plus other producers lending him a hand, including Scott Storch and  Avedon, Russ drops  ZOO exactly one year after his hit debut album There's Really A Wolf.
4: Russ "The Flute Song" from the brand new album ZOO (Columbia/Legacy)

Latest 2LP vinyl reissue via Babygrande of Jedi Mind Tricks' earlier career classic; their landmark 1997 album debut The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness 2LP/Vinyl   Jedi Mind Tricks is Vinnie Paz and producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind and later other members. This underground album, originally only a 1000 copies pressed up two decades ago, is packed with references to physics, astronomy and history by Paz while the 18 track release boasts such featured guests as Apathy, Sun Pharaoh, and Black Thought. Below is the video for the album track "I Who Have Nothing."

5:  Jedi Mind Tricks  "I Who Have Nothing" from The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness 2LP/Vinyl  (Babygrande Records) 

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