Songs for the Seasons

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Masque of the Four Seasons

By Brent James

Alice Cooper School's Out“And I'm lost, behind
The words I'll never find
And I'm left behind
As seasons roll on by”
- Chris Cornell

As we shift through the seasons of our own lives, we’re constantly reminded of the influence music has had not only on us and our ever-changing desires for rebirth and new experiences, but how it’s also shapes things we sometimes take for granted such as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

“We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun.
But the hills that we climbed
Were just seasons out of time.”
- Terry Jacks

Whether you realize it or not, life has a soundtrack. Think about the music you listened to when you were younger, or in your “Spring” years. It may not be in your current rotation now, but it sure shaped you then, and is guaranteed to be bringing somebody SOMEWHERE to the brink of their realizations now. You pass on what you learn, and hope to gain knowledge of fresh conditions along the way.

“The nights draw in
There's a silky moon up in the sky, yeah
Children are fantasising
Grown-ups are standing by
What a super feeling
Am I dreaming?”
- Queen

Music plays an important seasonal role in so many ways, especially in today’s hectic and often tense climate. Who doesn’t spin Vince Guaraldi during their Holiday and Christmas get-togethers with family? Hanukahh, New Years Eve, even Mardi Gras all have their own treasure troves of tunes written especially for them, and Halloween is basically its own musical genre, proving that music is the heartbeat of life.

“Forever seems so far away
There's time for love and for play
You dream about today
Feeling slips away
The winds that blow they go away
And seasons change.”
- Expose

Find someone in their “Autumn” or “Winter” years and ask them about the music of their youth. Just listen to them and perhaps learn something new about yourself. Be that person to someone later on and the cycle will repeat itself without even trying.

Create your soundtrack. Remember it can be as little or as massive as you’d like. Try and catalog the musical moments that have shaped your current passions, and be amazed at how far you’ve come. Use music to guide you through your seasons, whether basking in the Summer sun or watching the Autumn leaves fall to the ground.

BanglesMy personal “Seasonal” faves:

"Hazy Shade of Winter" - The Bangles
"Winter Song" - Nico
"Baby, It’s Cold Outside" - Dean Martin
"Christmastime Is Here" - Vince Guaraldi
"Summer Me, Winter Me" - Barbra Streisand

"Some Other Spring" - Billie Holiday
"Spring Haze" - Tori Amos
"April In Paris" - Louis Armstrong
"Sometimes It Snows In April" - Prince & The Revolution
"Spring Rain" - Pat Boone

"School’s Out" - Alice Cooper
"Summer In The City" - Lovin’ Spoonful
"Summertime Sadness" - Lana Del Rey
"Summer Nights" - Olivia Newton John/John Travolta
U2 October"Summer Breeze" - Type O Negative

"Autumn Leaves" - Paula Cole
"This Is Halloween" - Marilyn Manson
"October" - U2
"Season of the Witch" - Donovan
"Chill Of An Early Fall" - George Strait


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