Dipping Your Toes in the Flame of Life

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SheBy Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

"I am yesterday, and today, and tomorrow. I am sorrow, and longing, and hope unfulfilled. I am Hash-A-Mo-Tep. She. She who must be obeyed! I am I."
~She, Queen Hash-A-Mo-Tep of Kor

It was during my time at Ahwahnee Junior high, in a charming California town named after ash trees, that the signs started appearing to me. The first sign was watching Nancy Kwan in her luxurious bath, rubbing her aging, yet mysteriously young looking body with Oriental Pearl Cream during the commercial breaks on channel 53.

The second sign, was being repeatedly zapped by Commander Borf's “Infanto Ray” and turning into a young Space Ace going through puberty at the Festival Game Palace.

The third sign was when I did a report in history on Ponce de Leon searching for the Fountain of Youth.

Then, still at age 13, I bought a cassette of the Hoodoo Gurus and first heard their song "SHE."

It was an epic fantasy love ballad that's lyrics I did not quite understand...and it would not be for another 20 years that I would put the connection of that song with H. Rider Haggard’s novel of the same name, after watching the 1945 version of the film, She, directed by the great Merian C. Cooper of King Kong fame. (And it would be 30 years after getting that tape, that I would find out the singer, Dave Faulkner, was the singer for the inspirational, late-70’s punk band The Victims.)

All of these signs had one connection -- the desire for wanting to become and stay young. Much like Dorian Gray (The Picture of Dorian Gray film from 1945 is egg-cellent), there is always a curse with non-aging using supernatural powers, as the evil queen in She gets it in the end.

There have been many film versions of the novel, going back to a silent one made in 1911, however it was and still is the 1935 version that I find the masterpiece. Find the two-disc Ray Harryhausen Blu-ray with She and H.G. Wells' Things to Come.

Not only was the queen’s outfit said to be an inspiration for the look of the Wicked Queen in Snow White, but her sexy evil personality is similar too. I love her....I hate her...I love to hate her...I hate myself that I love her...damn it, I love her a lot. This is what happens when a Water sign falls in love with a Fire sign.

In 1965, Hammer Films would release She starring Ursula Andress and Christopher Lee. It’s hard to go wrong with that tag team combo, much like the Seafood Cocktail Combo at Swan's Oyster Depot -- just too damn awesome. Three years later they would follow it up with a loose sequel, The Vengeance of She, starring Olinka Berova. I humbly suggest this Hammer She double feature if you are having any marriage problems, car problems, or even a tooth ache. Scantly clad powerful women is always a cure-all answer.

“She” is also the name of one of my favorite Misfits songs (the 1977 version at least), however it does make more sense that their song is about Patty Hearst robbing a bank, as Ayesha who reigns as the all-powerful ruler in the hidden land of Kor does not use a machine gun.

Still, it’s a good song.

Lastly, let’s talk just a tad about She from 1984. Werewolves, mummies, walls with spray-painted backwards swastikas. This movie is worth watching just for this fight scene against Frankenstein's monster!

Croupier, I'm all in...SHE FOR PRESIDENT 2020!

She, 1982

The Vengance of She

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