New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Wolf Parade

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Wolf Parade - What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

Dan Boeckner and Arlen Thompson of Wolf Parade were at Amoeba Hollywood recently schooling us on some of the records that influenced them in their formative years, new records they've been getting into, and Canadian heroes that have been overlooked by the "arbitrators of cultural taste" in their own country. Take, for example, the industrial group Skinny Puppy. "I would argue that this is the most influential Canadian band of the 1980s," Boeckner proclaimed, calling them, "a totally misunderstood and under-appreciated band in its own country...without this band you wouldn't have Nine Inch Nails (and) Ministry." Boeckner goes on to explain that Canadian taste-makers have "pretty much erased these guys from the history books." There was much more to be said about all of the records picked by the two band mates, making for an insightful and fun What's In My Bag? interview. 

Canadian indie rock band Wolf Parade formed in 2003 when former Frog Eyes member Spencer Krug found himself with three weeks to get a group together. He teamed up with Dan Boeckner (ex-Atlas Wolf Parade Cry Cry CryStrategic) and the pair began writing songs in Krug's apartment, accompanied by a drum machine. Arlen Thompson eventually took over percussionist duties. A year later, the group traveled to Portland to work with Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock on their self-titled Sub Pop debut EP. The current lineup solidified when Dante DeCaro (ex-Hot Hot Heat) signed on in 2005.

Their first full-length, Apologies to the Queen Mary, garnered Wolf Parade a nomination for the Polaris Music Prize. Their sophomore LP, At Mount Zoomer, landed in 2008, with a third LP, Expo 86, following in 2010. The band announced they'd be taking a hiatus in 2011 after playing a handful of North American dates. Five years later, Wolf Parade began collaborating once again. Their fourth album, Cry Cry Cry, hit stores in October 2017. The band is set to perform throughout the US and Canada during the summer of 2018.

Keeping with the Canadian theme, Thompson started his picks off with Willie Thrasher, an Inuit musician who resides in his hometown of Nanaimo, BC., explaining that his local record shop Fascinating Rhythm has been responsible for preserving many recordings by aboriginal artists. Boeckner was "totally surprised" to find an LP by Serbian punk band Elektricni Orgazam. Educating us on the state run Yugoton record label, Boeckner explained, "this created this amazing punk rock scene, that was way ahead of even what was happening in western Europe." Thompson was excited to find Sleaford Mods' Key Markets record, calling them, "a band that's probably doing the best punk music, for just, like, not giving a fuck." Another record he also likened to punk was Miles DavisDark Magus, describing it as "as far out as you could take jazz, and mixing it with funk." "What I find amazing is that in the '70s music was so, kind of, open that...Miles Davis would do these far out jazz concerts to 4,000 people," he said, "(his) songs were like 25-minute-long jams."

But what "futuristic" record has become massively "inspirational" to Dan Boeckner? And what was Arlen Thompson's favorite record of last year? You'll have to watch the video to find out:

Wolf Parade - What's In My Bag?
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