New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Death from Above

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Death from Above's Sebastien Grainger couldn't help but show some Canadian pride on a recent visit to Amoeba Hollywood, picking up records by two legendary fellow-countrymen, Leonard Cohen and Glenn Gould. "You know, Glenn Gould is a Toronto guy, I'm a Toronto guy," Grainger wryly points out. Holding up a copy of the Goldberg Variations, Grainger notes that the eccentric concert pianist "totally shreds on this, like Satriani style shredding, but on piano." It wasn't all Canadian nationalism for Grainger, who had an eclectic stack of records, as well as a lot of great insight and personal anecdotes about each one for our What's In My Bag? episode.

Canadian duo Death from Above (formally known as Death from Above 1979) formed in 2001, setting themselves apart early on as one of the loudest and most aggressive acts in what was then termed Death from Above Outrage! Is Now"dancepunk." The band consists of drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger and bassist Jesse F. Keeler. Their first EP, Heads Up, landed in 2002, followed two years later by the Romantic Rights EP, which served as a teaser to their acclaimed debut LP You're a Woman, I'm a Machine.

The band broke up in 2006, citing creative differences. Grainger went on to launch a solo career under the name Sebastien Grainger & the Mountains while Keeler teamed up with producer Al-P for MSTRKRFT. Five years later, the duo officially reunited and headlined the main stage at Coachella. They released their second LP, The Physical World, in 2014. The album was named Rock Album of the Year at the 2015 Juno Awards in Calgary. Death from Above's most recent release is 2017's Outrage! Is Now.

"It's hard to find Crass records on vinyl; I don't think they repress them very often," said Grainger holding up The Feeding of the 5000. "They're kinda the perfect punk band in my mind," he continued. "The way it sounds, and the things that they say, and the way that they live." Grainger also had to get Two Great Guitars, featuring Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley together. "I'm not sure if it was my father's influence, but I really got into Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley when I was a kid." Noting the quality of production on the Chess Records album, he said, "there's such a lack of style in the production, that the style of the people can come out fully." Another cool pick for Grainger was the soundtrack to the original Twin Peaks series. "This music in incredible," he told us. It wasn't just the music that made the show so great, Grainger explains that "it's the perfect mix of weirdo, and funny, and scary, and classic archetype characters, and Americana."

But what was Sebastien Grainger's "embarrassing pick"? And which famed singer/songwriter/rocker hipped him onto bands like MC5? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Death from Above - What's In My Bag?
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