Evidence's 2018 album "Weather Or Not" Marks Career Turning Point For Vencie Beach Producer/Emcee (Amoeblog Interview)

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Evidence pictured in Venice Beach on cover of his new album Weather Or Not  (also blue vinyl/2LP) where, for the past 2 years, the talented producer/emcee has had to stay close to his home studio.

Sometime into the first half of the next decade highly revered SoCal hip-hop artist Evidence envisions himself holed up in his Venice Beach home studio with a long ass beard, a la Rick Rubin, producing young up-and-coming artists. That vision/goal is all part of a new five year plan that the longtime prolific artist recently hatched as the result of some life changing incidents over the past couple of years; as shared in his Amoeblog interview (scroll down to hear). These changes resulted in Evidence not going out on tour for the past couple of years, as he traditionally would have done, but instead stay close to his Venice Beach home/studio. There in addition to working on his own new solo album, Weather Or Not (also on blue vinyl/2LP set) via Rhymesayers, he's been channeling his creative energy into working with other artists. These have included producing albums/EPs for Madchild (The Darkest Hour), Defari (Rare Poise - also on vinyl/LP), and Domo Genesis. (Aren't U Glad You're U?).

From listening to the Dilated Peoples member's recently released new solo album Weather Or Not one gets insights into what's going on in the longtime emcee/producer's personal life, most notably on the album's emotionally charged track "By My Side Too."  That autobiographical song, that talks about how the birth of his son led to discovering that the baby's mother had cancer, is a key to "The Weatherman's" new five year forecast to work hard, tour as much as possible over the next five years, and then settling down and beginning to grow that Rick Rubin beard.

The new album's many producers include Evidence's longtime collaborator The Alchemist, Nottz, Jonwayne, and DJ Premier who produced the track “10,000 Hours.” The music video for the DJ Premier produced album track is below (scroll down) as are the videos for the Nottz produced "Jim Dean" and both The Alchemist produced "Throw It All Away" and "Powdered Cocaine (feat.Slug)." Working with numerous producers on one album is seen as a challenge by Evidence; one that he can ably handle by taking, "a bunch of beats from a bunch of different people but make it seem like an album, not a compilation.”

An equally talented emcee and producer, Evidence said that rapping comes second to producing.  “The beats inspire me to write - that comes first.”  Before becoming a rapper and producer, Evidence was an aerosol artist and before that he started out as a b-boy out on Venice Beach. Back in 1992 along with Rakaa and DJ Babu he formed the power-trio of Dilated Peoples whose most recent album was 2014's Directors Of Photography (also avail on vinyl/LP) that was preceded by their 2007 EP The Release Party (Decon). As a solo artist he released his first album in 2007, The Weatherman on Oakland's ABB Records. That album began his "Weatherman" persona that at the time he told Alchemist was because he wanted to do something in the vein of Redman, Method Man and Yellowman but as a superhero “creating a cape for myself.”

In 2008 Evidence released the Alchemist produced EP The Layover (Decon). In 2011 he released the album Cats & Dogs vinyl/2LP set; working with producer Alchemist. And in 2014 he again teamed up with The Alchemist as the duo The Step Brothers to record and release their full-length Lord Steppington (Rhymesayers). Alchemist is among the many producers for Evidence's new 2018 album Weather Or Not (also avail as blue vinyl/2LP). Of the album and his music Evidence said that he hopes it will help break the stereotype of LA and the LA rapper.  “It doesn’t have to be sunny. It doesn’t have to be gangsta rap!”

Evidence "Weather Or Not" Amoeblog Interview (2018)

Evidence breaks down new Rhymesayers album Weather Or Not - also avail as blue vinyl/2LP (2018)

Evidence "10,000 Hours (prod by DJ Premier)" from Weather Or Not also avail as blue vinyl/2LP (2018)

Evidence  "Throw It All Away (prod by Alchemist)" from Weather Or Not /also blue vinyl/2LP (2018)

Evidence  "Jim Dean (prod by Nottz)" from Weather Or Not also avail as blue vinyl/2LP (2018)

Evidence "Powder Cocaine (feat. Slug of Atmosphere & produced by Alchemist)"
from Weather Or Not (also avail as blue vinyl/2LP) (2018)

   Unpackaging Evidence blue vinyl/2LP set + CD digipak versions of Weather Or Not (2018)

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