Bay Area Turntablist/Producer ADA Joins Creative Forces With His Hip-Hop Heroes: Cut-And-Paste Pioneers Double Dee & Steinski

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Super-talented Bay Area turntablist/producer ADA has joined creative forces with his musical heroes: pioneering hip-hop production duo Double Dee & Steinski (DDS) and today kicked off the first in a series of exciting new collaborations; "What's The Angle?" heard below.  Just as previous generation California hip-hop DJ/producers Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow looked for inspiration to 80's hip-hop cut-and-paste pioneers Double Dee & Steinski and their legendary Lesson series, so too has Adam "ADA" Butler.  Initially released in the 80's as non-commercial/promo only 12" singles by Tommy Boy Records, and since then bootlegged countless times, but most recently officially reissued a decade ago by Illegal Art as Steinski's (out of print) What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective, [Amoeblog Steinski 2008 interview] DDS' influential Lesson megamix series include "The Payoff Mix," "Lesson 2 [James Brown Mix]" and "Lesson 3: History of HIp-Hop." A decade later in the 90's both NorCal's DJ Shadow and SoCal's Cut Chemist would individually record their "Lesson 4" homages to the DDS series: DJ Shadow's earlier "Lesson 4" was released in 1991 via Hollywood Basic while Cut Chemist's "Lesson 4: The Radio" was released in 1995 on the premiere volume of Dave Paul'BOMB Hip-Hop Records' landmark Return of the DJ compilations. 


Coming up in the music world a decade later, Double Dee & Steinski diehard fan ADA was equally in awe of DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist (*don't sleep on the Jurassic 5 / Ozomatali artist's just released album Die Cut).  Recently relocated to New Mexico, longtime North Bay based DJ ADA had a day job for many years working in the
Marketing department for ArtistWorks, an online learning  website that includes Qbert Skratch University (a DJ school by  DJ Qbert (another one of ADA's heroes, incidentally whose legendary Dirtstyle battle/break records have all recently been reissued on 7").  

For much of the past decade ADA's been part of the Bay Area's underground scratch scene as well as been a tireless producer sometimes working under the alias of Silent Wonder, with a deep record collection, amassing an archive of multi-layered, scratch-driven, intricate cut-and-paste productions (video as well as audio). Online you'll find such productions of his as Regina's Mix on Mixcloud or ADA Presents UFOLOGY on YouTube.  Butler's work ethic coupled with his production and turntablist skills are part of what brought him to the attention of Double Dee & Steinski who today on their website wrote that the new collaboration, "officially introduces ADA to the DDS family."  For ADA, as a lifelong fan of the duo, it's a dream come true.

"We're extremely excited to announce a brand new track from Double Dee featuring the brilliant turntable skills of ADA.....created and produced by Double Dee,"  published DDS today along with the single (above) introducing ADA as, "a self-proclaimed superfan of Double Dee & Steinski. After contacting us a few years ago, he was first invited to lend his scratching skills on TV promos for The Carbonaro Effect which Double Dee produced for TruTV and has since turned into a wildly popular campaign for the show. He's studied the Lessons for years and is now ready to pass on his knowledge to the worldl."

Double Dee 
described the new track he produced as,  "in the same bag as some of my previous productions, "Jezebel" and "Who Owns Culture #2", all which have a decidedly rock feel and use elements from classic recordings. As you’ll hear in the track, there are samples from more than a few sources - some more well known than others. See if you can find them!"

ADA (Silent Wonder) Presents Megamagic (2016)

The Lessons live by Steinski, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist (2000)

Cut Chemist "Lesson 4" (1995)

DJ Shadow "Lesson 4" (1991)

DDS "Lesson 3 (The History of Hip-Hop)"  (1985)

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