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British singer/songwriter, producer, and DJ Tom Misch went shopping at Amoeba Hollywood recently and shared some of his favorite albums with us in our latest What's In My Bag? episode. "This is the first record I heard of John Mayer," he said of the 2006 album Continuum, "and it completely changed my musical career." Misch goes on to describe how Mayer influenced his own guitar playing. "I started playing guitar -- well, trying to play guitar like him -- and that's where kind of everything changed for me." 

While still in school, Misch began making hip-hop beats inspired by J. Dilla. He started posting them online in 2012 where they were discovered and sampled by up-and-coming rappers. He collaborated Tom Misch Geography with singer/songwriter Carmody for her Out to Sea EP in 2014. Next he released Beat Tape 1 and Beat Tape 2; the former featured a track called "Dilla Love," which received a nod from the late producer's mother. The Reverie EP followed in 2016.

While waiting for the release of his debut full-length, Misch recorded 5 Day Mischon, a collaboration between himself and many other rising UK artists recorded over the course of five days. Geography, his first proper LP, arrives on April 6th and features appearances from De La Soul, Poppy Ajudha, Loyle Carner, and GoldLink. Misch will be heading stateside in mid-April for performances at both weekends of Coachella.

Misch started off the episode with D'Angelo's classic LP Voodoo and proclaimed it to be "one of my favorite albums ever. It's all live instrumentation, but you can play it in a DJ set, and people dance." Making people dance was a recurring theme for Misch, but it wasn't always important to him. He attributes that shift to DJ and producer KAYTRANADA, saying, "He's completely changed the way I produce. I just kinda copy him."

Watch the full episode below to check out all of Tom Misch's picks.

Tom Misch - What's In My Bag?
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