Hip-Hop Report: New Vinyl, Top 5, New DJ Technology, Aerosol Art's 5Pointz Win/Lose, Black Panther OST Lawsuit + Pam Memorial

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Exile's Baker's Dozen LP is the latest vinyl in the ongoing Fat Beats instrumental series showcasing 12 tracks by various producers. It's among the many new releases at Amoeba. Scroll down for more info..

Kendrick Lamar along with singer SZA are being sued by artist Lina Iris Viktor who claims that, without her permission, they appropriated her Constellations series art in the collaborative duo's new music video for "All the Stars" off the new Black Panther soundtrack on Interscope.  In the suit filed yesterday she is seeking an injunction prohibiting the two artists from utilizing her artwork to "promote the soundtrack" of the phenomenally popular new Disney distributed Marvel movie.

The new star-studded hip-hop soundtrack, that also includes such other artists as Travis Scott, ScHoolboy Q, and 2 Chainz, topped the Billboard 200 chart upon its release last week; just as the landmark Ryan Coogler directed Marvel black superhero movie Black Panther has been a runaway box office success. Reportedly on this past Monday (President's Day) the movie generated a record breaking $40 million in US theaters on that one day alone!

Some have accused artist Viktor's lawsuit against Lamar and SZA to be directly linked to the financial success of Black Panther. But the artist has said it is not about the money and that she had already refused permission for her work to be used when originally asked, but that they used it anyway. Further as a black African woman, who insists her and her art have been exploited, Viktor pointed the irony of Black Panther's prevailing themes of promoting female and black empowerment. The new 14 track various artists Black Panther soundtrack, which is officially both "from" and "inspired by" the movie, features Kendrick Lamar on a total of four songs including the theme solo song "Black Panther," "Pray For Me" with The Weeknd, and "King's Dead" with Jay Rock, Future, and James Blake.

In addition to being featured throughout the new Black Panther soundtrack, Kendrick Lamar's 2017 megahit album has just been reissued on clear double vinyl; DAMN! 2LP clear vinyl, Other new vinyl releases include a double-vinyl reissue of 2Pac's 1993 classic Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.  2LP,  UK turntablist / producer DJ Woody's 2LP looped beat set Flexin Hard: Flexicuts Volumes 1& 2  2LP, and the DJ / producer themed Sushi Breaks by Grime-N-Starfunkle that was released last Friday on 7" vinyl format by Illect Recordings.

Hip-Hop Top Five: 02:20:18

1: Defari Rare Poise (Defari)

2: Exile Baker's Dozen LP (Fat Beats)

3: Migos Culture II (upcoming vinyl/LP pre-order) Quality Control)

4: East Man Red, White & Zero (also on vinyl/LP) (Planet Mu)

5: Last American Rock Stars Last American Rock Stars (Majik Ninja)

Following a decade plus absence Defari is finally back with a new solo album. The veteran SoCal emcee, who is also a member of Likwit Junkies, returns in force with his powerful, self-released album Rare Poise that first surfaced digitally a few months ago and is now getting its physical release. The 14 track new release, his first album since 2006's Street Music on ABB, features appearances from old friends / members of fellow LA acts Dilated Peoples and Strong Arm Steady.  As his select mic guests Defari invited Krondon, Phil Da Agony, Rakaa Iriscience,  Brew and Evidence to join him on the new album. In addition to appearing on the album's opening track "Acknowledgement" Evidence, whose own recently released Weather Or Not (also on LP/vinyl) comes highly recommended, also handled all the production on this way overdue new Defari album that proves to be worth the long wait.   

Among the other new releases to arrive into Amoeba recently include Last American Rock Stars, the incredibly popular GA trio Migos with their 2CD, one hour and 45 minute Culture II  (to be released on vinyl/LP April 27th)  hip-hop/electronic dance act East Man with Red, White & Zero (also on vinyl/LP) (Planet Mu) and super- producer Exile. The LA production great (and sometime rapper), whom many came to know via his partnership with emcee Blu as Blu & Exile and/or his membership of Emanon, is the latest producer to grace Fat Beats excellent ongoing "Baker's Dozen" series of a dozen instrumental tracks on vinyl only.

Back on November 19th, 2013 the Long Island City, NY aerosol art mecca of many years 5Pointz (FKA Phun Phactory) that boasted the work of numerous renowned mural artists was abruptly whitewashed over in the middle of the night in an apparent preparation for its controversial planned demolition to make way for luxury condos that is still underway at the Queens location. But recently there was an unusual turn of events when a jury voted that building owner Jerry Wolkoff had violated the federal Visual Artists Rights Act & Copyright Law that states that art cannot be destroyed or modified in any way without the artist's consent. Last week a NYC judge ruled that the 21 artists whose works were damaged in the
whitewashing be awarded $6.7 million in damages by Wolkoff. He since announced he would appeal, calling the judge's ruling "ridiculous." 

An interesting sidenote  is that in the reporting of this story that media outlets such as the New York Times, New York Post, and CNN all reported it as "graffiti" by "graffiti artists" and not "aerosol art" by "street artists." According to many street art ambassadors such as the Bay Area's BAS-One, "It's wrong to call it graffiti since that is saying that the art is a crime when it is not!" and especially in a scenario like the 21 artists at 5Pointz who all were given permission to do their art at the location. While this may seem petty or merely a matter of semantics to the average person, to people like BAS, "It's very important to use the correct language that respectfully and accurately identifies a piece of legitimate art."

Among the many cool new pieces of gear turning heads at the big annual NAMM convention in Anaheim last month was the advanced next level DJ turntable gadget called the Phase that looks primed to revolutionize DVS technology with a wireless system, replacing the needle and tone arm of a turntable as a convenient compact and durable looking unit. The Phase device (pictured right) fits onto top of the record on the turntable and then connects to any DVS software like Serato or Traktor where a DJ can scratch away on the record, but without a needle. It can even be handheld remotely away from the record and function. In the weeks since the NAMM convention, when videos of this new technology have surfaced online and gotten a lot of attention, there's been much debate on the new technology. Traditionalist hip-hop DJ purists have dismissed it as non-organic and wack as the CDJ once  was. Meanwhile more practical thinking, touring DJs, like San Francisco DJ Dave Paul who is constantly club-hopping the country with his popular long running Prince vs. Michael Jackson parties says that he likes the capabilities of the Phase becasue of how he is, “So tired of dealing with fucked up turntables on the road." The product is expected to be on the market by this summer.

This Sunday (Feb 25) Bay Area DJ Pam The Funkstress (aka Purple Pam), who died December 22nd from organ failure following a liver transplant, will be honored by fans and peers in a daytime memorial hip-hop concert at the New Parish in Oakland. The Coup member and DJ for Prince  was also a longtime friend of Amoeba where she had performed numerous times over the years and where her sudden death, two months ago at age 51, shocked and saddened many. This Sunday expect a full house for the widely beloved DJ when, among the many Bay Area artists performing in her honor including an “all star DJ line up,” will include such local talents as  Zion I, Equipto, CMG of The Conscious Daughters with DJ Deeandroid & The Rock Force Crew, True Justice, Davey D, Chuy Gomez, and Lady Ryan.  And with Pam been such a widely beloved person who seemed to know everyone, who knows who might show up and perform unannounced today.  A day time event, that begins at 2 in the afternoon, proceeds from the $15-$20 tickets will go the Purple Pam The Funkstress Foundation. New Parish Sunday 2pm 18+ ($20 at door, $15 advance) Tix and more info here and also on flyer below. 

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