David Bowie 2018 Top Six [Includes Upcoming Bowie Vinyl/LP Remastered Reissues]

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David Bowie Low LP Feb 23 2018 reissue/ pre-order   (Parlophone)

David Bowie may be physically gone from this earth since January 10th, 2016 when the sad news of the iconic artist’s sudden death from cancer shocked the world. But in the 25 months since his passing (exactly 2 days following his 69th birthday & the release of his 25th album Blackstar - also on 180 gram vinyl/LP) David Bowie, as an omnipresent artist in popular culture, appears to be as alive (if not more so) than anytime in the multihyphenate artist's illustrious, ever-changing, five-decade career; with 2018 already shaping up to be The Year of Bowie. Hence the following David Bowie 2018 Top Six list.

#6: As the David Bowie Official Twitter account, in conjunction with the image above, tweeted last week:
History has been made with the very emotional launch of @elonmusk’s midnight cherry Tesla Roadster car into space, with David Bowie’s Life on Mars as the soundtrack, and a chap called Starman in the driving seat” in reporting the SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launch that cost SpaceX CEO Elon Musk $90million. Included in that price tag was the cost of the attached $100,000 Tesla Roadster with its Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy "Don't Panic" dashboard sign and the car sound system reportedly playing Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on repeat mode for its long journey toward Mars’ orbit.

Celebrated by many, it was also seen by many as a crass publicity stunt by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Not surprisingly then that the event received widespread critique in addition to praise. Late night TV’s Stephen Colbert pointed out that "in space, no one can hear you silly." Meanwhile social media was filled with commentary on how the money spent could have been better used to help those truly in need back here on earth. 

As to the choice of “Space Oddity” Bowie fan Jason Lefler pondered, “Is this irony? Major Tom got lost the space. How do you miss that??” while, via Twitter, Bowie in space follower Sharry Wilson reminded many of an earlier David Bowie as space soundtrack when, “Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield  performed and sang “Space Oddity” aboard the ISS in 2013" [an impressive cover of "Space Oddity" that's worth checking out]

Publicity stunt or not, ultimately the February 2018 globally publicized event pushed Bowie further to the forefront of popular culture, even introducing a new audience to his music. Note that in addition to the albums Space Oddity and Space Oddity 40th Anniversary (also on vinyl/LP), among the many Bowie collections that "Space Oddity" (originally a 1969 single) can be found on include Columbia Records' November 2016 release Legacy (also on vinyl/LP) that also includes "Life on Mars? (2016 Mix)."  Immediately below is the official 1972 David Bowie music video clip for "Space Oddity."

David Bowie "Space Oddity"


#5  David Byrne along with Toronto’s Choir! Choir! Choir! and the audience of The Public Theater deliver an impassioned rendition of Bowie’s “Heroes.” Originally performed and recorded on the second weekend of last month, during the Under The Radar Festival in New York City, since been posted to YouTube and Facebook this month, the video's gone viral. Several shaky phone video clips of the event, that also included a cover of Madonna’s “Borderline,” surfaced online back in January but none of those amateur clips did the moving session justice. This latest cover of the Bowie/Eno penned "Heroes" by the former Talking Heads frontman who (like Bowie) has constantly evolved as an artist in various media over the decades, is a reminder of the fact that unfortunately Bowie and Byrne never collaborated on an album project together. This was surprising since the artists clearly admired each other (proven by such things as Byrne's introduction speech to Bowie at the 1996 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction celebration) but more importantly in that each shared a close working relationship with Brian Eno that resulted in acclaimed albums for both artists.

Eno, who came to fame during his time with Roxy Music as synth player,  collaborated with Bowie (and producer Tony Visconti) on the so-called Berlin Trilogy (Low 1977, Heroes 1977, & Lodger 1979) in both musician (keyboards, synthesisers,  piano, moog, guitar etc.)  and co-production capacities.  In addition to producing the Talking Heads albums'  More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978), 1979's Fear of Music (also on vinyl/LP), and 1980's Remain in Light (also on vinyl/LP), Eno also collaborated with Byrne on their landmark dual project 1981’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (also on vinyl/LP) and again on 2008's Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.

Despite the fact that upon its release in 1977 it was far from a major hit singe, in the years since “Heroes” has become David Bowie's most popular and widely known song. Its cultural accomplishments include it been Britain's theme music in the 2012 Summer Olympics. More significantly is the fact that the German Foreign Office officially recognized the song for its part in "helping to bring down the [Berlin] wall" in reference to Bowie's June 6th, 1987 performance  at the German Reichstag in West Berlin. There he performed the song which is about two lovers; one from West Berlin and one from East Berlin. The title of the song was inspired by the 1975 Krautrock (proto-punk sounding) Neu! track "Hero" off the German band’s  recommended album NEU! 75.  After the regular English version of the song, Bowie's German language version of the song as the single "Helden" (one of several foreign language versions of "Heroes" he recorded)  has been a most popular version with fans. You can find it on such Bowie collections as  A New Career in a New Town: 1977 - 1982 CD Box Set

"Heroes" has also been been covered by many artists over the years including Blondie (1980 live, feat. guitarist Robert Fripp), Oasis (1997), Peter Gabriel (2010), and Janelle Monae (2014). Below is the EMI music video of "Heroes" by Bowie.  Note that in conjunction with David Byrne’s new March 9th, 2018 album via Nonesuch, American Utopia pre-order (also avail for vinyl/LP pre-order), he recently announced a world tour in support of the upcoming release.
David Bowie  “Heroes”


Celebrating David Bowie is the UK founded Bowie concert performance tribute featuring former members of Bowie’s bands (touring/studio) plus a variety of different artists that kicked off its 20 date US leg three days ago and comes to California for four dates beginning at the end of this month. Celebrating David Bowie began organically early last year as a small scale tour event (with a handful of dates including London, LA and NYC) to honor what would have been Bowie's 70th birthday, but due to popular demand expanded it for this second ongoing tour with a rotating lineup of band members and guest performers. Tour musicians will feature such former David Bowie band members as Mike Garson (keyboards), Gerry Leonard (guitar), Carmine Rojas (bass), and Earl Slick (guitar). Guitarist Slick had worked with Bowie on such albums as Diamond Dogs (also on vinyl/LP),Young Americans (also on vinyl/LP) and Reality (also on vinyl/LP). Although originally listed, when first announced in late 2017 as part of this tour, guitarist Adrian Belew is no longer on the line-up.

Touring band vocalists include Bernard Fowler and Gaby Moreno while the many guests will include singer/Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood, (Fiction Plane singer/son of StingJoe Sumner, and Oakland CA's Grammy winning raw-blues act  Fantastic Negrito; each of whom are confirmed for the LA concert date this month.  Meanwhile British producer/singer/songwriter Mr Hudsonwill be appearing at all four California dates. Check local listings for exact lineup and note that there will likely be surprise last minute guests too.

Last year's many special guest performers included Sting, Seal, Perry Farrell, The B-52’s Kate Pierson, Gail Ann Dorsey,The London Community Gospel Choir, and the Harlem  Gospel Choir.  The latter were featured along with Gail Ann Dorsey in the NYC Jan. 10th, 2017 show at Terminal 5. See the fan made video (hence the slightly muted vocals in sound mix) below of them performing "Young Americans."    

Celebrating David Bowie, that kicked off its intense 20 date US tour over this past weekend in Silver Spring, MD, will be making four CA stops beginning on February 28th in Los Angeles at The Wiltern, followed by San Francisco’s Regency on March 3rd, Santa Rosa’s Luther Burbank Center March 4th, and San Diego’s Balboa Theatre on March 6th.
Celebrating David Bowie (feat.Gail Ann Dorsey & Harlem Gospel Choir) "Young Americans" (2017)


#3  Soulwax tribute to David Bowie as seen in the above long video clip, RSWX Presents Dave which is Radio Soulwax’s David Bowie homage from five years ago. Soulwax, aka Belgian duo 2 Many DJs whose most recent album is last summer's From Deewee (also avail on vinyl/LP),  will be doing some select US shows including San Francisco and Coachella that are reported to include portions of their ever-evolving Bowie mixed media homage.

Made with Wim Reygaert they describe their one-hour "Dave" production above as an, “homage to the man whose ability to change whilst remaining himself has been a massive influence on us” and which includes, “all things Bowie, whether that is original songs, covers, backing vocals, production work or reworks.”  Soulwax (aka 2 Many DJs) will bring their "Transient Program For Drums And Machinery" to  The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on April 7th and are scheduled to perform twice, on both Friday April 13th and Friday April 20th, at the two-weekend Coachella Festival 2018.


David Bowie is
at Brooklyn Museum March 2nd to July 15th, 2018David Bowie is, which has been touring museums around the globe for the past five years, will make its final exhibition stop at the Brooklyn Museum from March 2nd to July 15th, 2018. Considering that its 2014/2015 installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago was before Bowie had died, but was so popular that it broke that museum’s ticket records, you can be sure that this upcoming NYC exhibit will be a much in-demand event.  The museum describes the multimedia installation as containing “approximately 400 objects drawn primarily from the David Bowie Archive, including the artist’s original costumes, handwritten lyric sheets from famous songs, original album art, photographs, and videos, all tracing Bowie’s creative process from his teenage years in England through his last twenty years, when he resided in New York City.”

Among the exhibit’s forty plus projected video clips is  rare Diamond Dogs tour footage filmed in Philadelphia. With Bowie being such an important and influential fashion figure, the exhibit naturally also focuses on this area of his vast body of work. David Bowie is will feature a total of sixty custom-made performance costumes worn by the artist. These include several designed by both Freddie Burretti (Ziggy Stardust / 1980 Floor Show) and Kansai Yamamoto (Aladdin Sane).  David Bowie is will take place in the Brooklyn Museum's Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing and Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Gallery, 5th Floor from March 5th through July 15, 2018. Tickets and information here.


#1 David Bowie's five upcoming Vinyl/LP remastered album reissues. With Bowie, his music will always top any list and hence why these five classic Bowie albums (including the Berlin Trilogy) that are being reissued on vinyl/LP pressings on February 23rd (avail for pre-order now) are at the top of this list. Presented down below in a Top Five list, these 2017 remastered versions are all from the Parlophone label who back at the end of September first unleashed these remastered albums, albeit in totally different packaging.

Those versions came in CD and LP formats as part of both the thick 11 CD box-set  A New Career in a New Town: 1977 - 1982 CD Box Set, and the heavy 13 LP, 180 gram vinyl set A New Career In A New Town 1977 - 1982: LP Box Set (limited to one per customer). The new upcoming versions allow you to just pick which vinyl versions of the five main albums that you want. Other differences include the fact that the Stage album in the box set was a 2LP colored yellow vinyl pressing while the upcoming is a three record set in black vinyl;  Stage 3LP pre-order. Links to pre-order all five follow below.

1: David Bowie Low LP pre-order   (Parlophone)

2: David Bowie Heroes LP pre-order   (Parlophone)

3: David Bowie Stage 3LP pre-order (Parlophone)
4: David Bowie Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) LP pre-order   (Parlophone)

5: David Bowie Lodger LP pre-order (Parlophone)

David Bowie “Sound and Vision” (1977) the lead single from Low LP pre-order set to
visuals of a fan made Bowie homage montage

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