New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Hiss Golden Messenger

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Want some excellent gospel music recommendations? Look no further than our latest What's In My Bag? episode featuring North Carolina indie folk band Hiss Golden Messenger. Lead singer/songwriter MC Taylor and touring collaborator Phil Cook raided Amoeba San Francisco's gospel section, finding some truly magnificent records, including a collection by Alex Bradford, who Cook described as "a precursor to Little Richard." Along with bandmate Scott Hirsch, the band found some killer records and shared their passion and enthusiasm with us.

Hiss Golden Messenger was founded in 2007 by MC Taylor and Scott Hirsch. The pair had relocated to Durham, NC after growing up in California and playing in hardcore band Ex-Ignota and indie rock group The Court & Spark. After the dissolution of the latter band, Taylor and Hirsch began releasing Hiss Golden Messenger Hallelujah Anyhowwork on Taylor's label Heaven & Earth Magic Recording Company. In 2009, Hiss Golden Messenger's debut LP Country Hai East Cotton was released in a limited run of 500. A selection of songs from this first album was rechristened From Country Hai East Cotton and released on the Black Maps label in 2011, following the success of their first international release, 2010's Bad Debt.

Hiss Golden Messenger continued to release a series of works on Taylor's label and North Carolina label Bachelors of Paradise before signing to Merge Records in 2014. They released their first album for Merge, Lateness of Dancers, that same year. Ever prolific, the group wrote and recorded a string of acclaimed LPs for the label over the next few years, including Heart Like a Levee (2016) and Hallelujah Anyhow (2017). Hiss Golden Messenger has recently released work via Aquarium Drunkard and contributed a cover of "Brown-Eyed Women" for the 4AD Grateful Dead comp Day of the Dead.

To start off the episode, Taylor picks up a cool reissue of The Pilgrim Jubilees LP Crying Won't Help, stating, "They've always been funky, but this is greasier." Hirsch chose Before the Next Teardrop Falls by Tejano/country/rocker Freddy Fender on cassette, which he wryly calls "the preferred format for Freddy." Cook was ecstatic to find an old copy of The Staple Singers' Freedom Highway, a live recording of his "all-time favorite band." He recounted opening for Mavis Staples in Chicago, calling it "basically the honor of my entire life."

It wasn't all gospel for the group, though, as Taylor had to grab a copy of Paul McCartney's first solo record, having recently discovered that he didn't actually own it already. "He was the guy that I overlooked the most when I was a kid," he stated. "Now I think he's the deepest musician of that whole band." Hirsch grabbed a copy of Memphis guitarist Gimmer Nicholson's only album, Christopher Idylls, calling it a "beautiful instrumental record."

But which "hippy-country" record does Scott Hirsch buy whenever he finds it? And who is Phil Cook's favorite Staple Singer? You'll have to watch the video below to find out!


Hiss Golden Messenger - What's In My Bag?
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