New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with HAIM

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HAIM What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

HAIM recently visited Amoeba Hollywood for a special album release event and made time for some record shopping while they were here. In this What's In My Bag? episode, the bandmates and sisters give us a peek into some of the music and movies from their childhood, including Donna Summer's Love To Love You Baby, which guitarist/keyboardist Alana explains was often played when they were washing dishes. "I have great memories of drying," she said, adding that she was never a washer. "It's a great drying tempo."

Los Angeles pop rock band HAIM features Este Haim (bass), Alana Haim (guitars/keyboards), and Danielle Haim (lead vocals/guitar). The sisters began their musical careers early, backing their HAIM Something To Tell Youparents Moti and Donna in a family cover band called Rockinhaim. Este and Danielle performed together in pop band Valli Girls in the mid-'00s, releasing tracks on soundtrack and comp albums before Danielle departed to tour as a guitarist with Jenny Lewis and Julian Casablancas. In 2012, the women formed HAIM, releasing the Forever EP and attracting attention through a series of buzzed about appearances at SXSW which led to a deal with Polydor and a management contract with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

The band began an intense touring schedule, recording their debut LP, Days Are Gone, in between tour dates and performances at major festivals like Glastonbury. The album hit the top ten in Australia, Canada, the US, UK, and several European countries. HAIM toured for two years in support of Days before returning home to take a break to regroup and record the songs that would eventually become their hotly-anticipated 2017 LP Something to Tell You.

Este couldn't avoid a little sibling rivalry, exclaiming of her bag of records and movies, "Mine's the best." First up for her was a Selena CD, Entre a Mi Mundo. "She was a very big inspiration to me growing up," she said. "I think I listen to Selena at least two or three times a week." Having studied ethnomusicology at UCLA, Este also grabbed some cool records from the world section, including a Brazilian batucada compilation. "When I hear Brazilian carnival music, it does something to my body and my insides, it just makes me wanna move." Recalling hearing a Bulgarian female vocal choir for the first time, Este says, "It was nothing that I had ever heard before. It just made the hairs on my arm kind of stand up."

Danielle chose a live Joni Mitchell album, which she knows better than some of the studio recordings and makes for some confusion when singing along in the car. "Her band was so good at this time," she told us. Shania Twain was a big artist for the HAIM sisters, with Danielle picking up vinyl reissues of both The Woman In Me and "the classic" Come On Over and Alana calling out her legendary status.

But which film does Alana love so much she had to buy it again? And who does Este call "the king of one-liners?" And just what is Danielle's favorite Britney Spears album? You'll have to watch the video below to find out!

HAIM - What's In My Bag?
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