New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Samantha Robinson & Jennifer Ingrum from 'The Love Witch'

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The Love Witch (Samantha Robinson and Jennifer Ingrum) What's In My bag?

We recently hosted a DVD signing with the cast and crew of Anna Biller's feminist cult hit, The Love Witch, at Amoeba Hollywood and we were excited to interview the stars, Samantha Robinson and Jennifer Ingrum, for a What's In My Bag? episode. Spending the majority of their time shopping our movie mezzanine, the two actresses found an eclectic selection of classic, art-house, and cult-y flicks, including What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, which has received a renewed interest because of the recent FX show, Feud. "You have to see this movie if you're gonna watch Feud," insists Ingrum, going on to recount the famous feud between the two leading actresses, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Ingrum and Robinson's love for each film was very apparent as both had a lot to say about their picks, which made for a fun and lighthearted episode.

The Love Witch Amoeba MusicIn the Technicolor-hued The Love Witch, Robinson plays the titular, love-obsessed witch while Ingrum plays her occult mentor. Robinson was born in New York City and grew up in London before moving to Los Angeles to study acting at UCLA. She received a Best Actress nomination for the 2017 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Ingrum is a San Diego native who has also appeared on Franklin & Bash, The Artist and CSI: Miami.

Their performances lie at the heart of this clever, insightful, and gorgeous film, which topped year-end lists by Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and Rotten Tomatoes. The Love Witch is Biller's second film, after 2007's Viva. Her films utilize classic film aesthetics and high and low culture to upend genre tropes and dissect cultural expectations of female behavior and identity. Biller holds a BA in art from UCLA and an MFA in art and film from CalArts. She writes, directs, and produces her own films, in addition to creating many of the costumes and set pieces herself, and composing the films' scores.

Samantha Robinson picked up her favorite version of Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 BBC mini-series starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. "I could watch it over and over again and never get sick of it," she told us. "It makes me incredibly sappy when I watch it." A sentimental favorite for Jennifer Ingrum was the 1985 musical A Chorus Line. "I could do the whole thing," she claimed. " I know every single word." Being a fan of French actress Jeanne Moreau, Robinson grabbed the Criterion edition of Elevator to the Gallows, the 1958 Louis Malle film that launched Moreau to stardom. "They told her she wasn't pretty enough, but it's ridiculous 'cause she just has that star quality about her," Robinson said, adding, "Miles Davis did the score and it's incredible."

But which song reminds Samantha Robinson of childhood and her father? And which 1948 Technicolor classic features "actual, great ballet dancing"? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

The Love Witch - What's In My Bag?
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