New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Clark

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Clark What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

English electronic musician Clark visited Amoeba Hollywood recently and picked up some vinyl reissues and limited edition releases, many of which were quite dear to him, such as the debut album by Krautrock super-group Harmonia. Comprised of members of the influential groups Cluster and Neu!, Musik Von Harmonia was a big influence on Clark's record Body Riddle. "It's really warm, slowly evolving Krautrock with lots of synths," he tells us. Clark ruminated on each record he chose during our interview and found something insightful to say about them all. 

English electronic artist and producer Clark (né Chris Clark) began making music as a teenager, creating experimental works on homemade instruments. He would go on to attract attention from Warp Records while performing at one of their parties under the moniker Chris From St Albans. (Clark grew up in St. Albans, England.) He subsequently signed to the label, releasing his debut LP, Clarence Park, under the name Chris Clark.

Clark Death Peak Amoeba Music

Clark's sound continued to evolve with releases Empty the Bones of You (2003) and Body Riddle (2006). He shortened his name to simply Clark with the release of Throttle Furniture in 2006. Ever prolific, Clark's profile continued to grow with each successive release, including Turning Dragon (2008), Totems Flare (2009), Iradelphic (2012), Clark (2014), The Last Panthers (2016), and Death Peak (2017), and over a dozen singles and EPs. Clark has solidified his reputation as a live act to watch with Berghain and Boiler Room performances.

"This is sort of borderline basic," says Clark, pulling Suicide's self-titled debut out of his bag. "But it's just got so much charm and it was really unusual for the time." While electronic groups like Harmonia sought to perfect the production quality of their sound in the '70s, the New York punk-infused electro duo's record focused more on attitude than fidelity. "(Alan Vega's) voice on "Cheree" is just, like, borderline sort of, sexually deviant," says Clark of Suicide's vocalist. Another record with fascinating production is Camp Lo's Uptown Saturday Night. While usually favoring grittier hip hop, Clark comments on the album's "summery, barbeque vibes." "It's amazing," he proclaims. "It's just really stripped-back production." 

But which underground rock record did Clark love when he was 19? And which limited edition 7" by an 808 rockin' hip hop artist was he looking forward to opening? You'll have to watch the video to find out:

Clark - What's In My Bag?
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