Bjork’s Ninth Album, "Utopia," Comes Out This Week

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Bjork, UtopiaBy doubleay

Bjork is gearing up for the release of her latest body of work, Utopia (out November 24). It is the ninth album in her prolific discography and she’s working with a stunning team of creatives from Arca and Jesse Kanda to Andrew Thomas Huang and James Merry, to aid in bringing her latest vision to life.

Bjork's last album, Vulnicura, was released two years back and was followed up with the subsequent rework Vulnicura Strings. The album secured her the award for International Female Solo Artist at the 2016 Brit Awards and during her pre-recorded acceptance speech she cited that she could not be there in person as she was “recording.” Actively working on one album to the next, she hasn't let up on her music in the slightest but is projecting a vastly different state of being with this forthcoming project. In an interview with AnOther Magazine back in March, she speaks about Vulnicura as a sort of “Hell - like it was divorce” and goes on to describe Utopia as “Paradise.”

Bjork's note for UtopiaWord of the new release came about in early August as Bjork shared a written note on social media, reading “my new album is coming out very soon warmthness Bjork.” Weeks later she debuted the first single by way of a visual release entitled The Gate, directed by frequent collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang. The video presents Bjork in a fanciful field, serenading an audience with flute, only to break way to intense visuals of Bjork harnessing and manipulating energy, exchang ing it with a partner. Her words are endearing but the song is powerfully tense at times and as it unfolds the visual continuously captivates with its boundless movement.

Exactly one month later, Bjork delivered another single and video for “Blissing Me. For the second taste of the album, she shares an enchanting love song in which her vocals dance over cascading harps while she dreamily recounts the mutual adoration between her and a partner. The visuals, directed by Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, are simple and intimate, bringing most of the attention to Bjork’s playful delivery and the enchanting concept jewelry designed by artist James T. Merry. Bjork has used countless masks and accessories designed by Merry over the years, and he’s created a piece for every outfit Bjork has donned during the album roll out, including her Dazed cover and new videos.

Thus far, the visual elements of the project have been stunning but a key contributor shaping the sound of Utopia is Venezuelan producer Arca. Bjork described her musical relationship with Arca to Dazed as, “the strongest she’s ever had.” He played a role in the latter half of Vulnicura but has helped shape Utopia from its core. He co-produced the album, bringing his grim production style to the table for the more brooding moments in the project. She has also credited him for pushing her to take a particular direction for the album. Rabit is also credited as producer.

Bjork’s collaborators are always immensely significant to her and, while opening up to Dazed, she shared that she is profoundly confident in the circle of folks she has surrounded herself for this project. The fourteen-track album drops November 24th on both CD and LP via U.K. label One Little Indian. (As an added bonus, buyers will receive 100 AudioCoins with purchase of the album from Bjork's online store. Getting paid to buy Bjork’s new album sounds like a dream source of income, although 100 AudioCoins is worth about nineteen cents at this very moment.) Come get your copy of Utopia at any Amoeba location or on

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