New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Writer Jake Fogelnest

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"This was a long time coming," proclaims writer/comedian/producer Jake Fogelnest about Criterion's newly restored Blu-ray of Multiple Maniacs. "John Waters is my favorite, he is my hero," Fogelnest says of the film's director, a pioneer of cult, transgressive movie-making. Pre-dating his breakthrough feature, Pink Flamingos, Multiple Maniacs features many of Waters' usual actors, including Divine, who would become the persona most associated with Waters' films. "It is still psychotic and shocking, probably even more in this new cleaned up print by Criterion," says an exuberant Fogelnest, who had plenty of witty insight into all of the goodies in his bag.

Jake Fogelnest has written for several TV shows, including Wet Hot American Summer, Difficult People, Girlboss, and Billy on the Street. He has contributed to VH1's Best Week Ever and written jokes for Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segments. Fogelnest began his comedy career early, attracting attention for his cult public-access cable show Squirt TV, that he created when he was just fourteen years old. The program was eventually picked up by MTV, counting guest appearances by Wu-Tang Clan, Liz Phair, Cibo Matto with Sean Lennon, Adam Sandler, The Kids in the Hall, Kevin Smith, and Beck.

Fogelnest has co-directed shows by Sarah Silverman, Amy Poehler, and Jerry Minor. He has written for SPIN, Jane, and the Alternative Press. He hosted his own show on SiriusXM's college/indie rock station Sirius XMU from 2006-2014. He appears in the music video for "Easy" by the band Real Estate, in which he plays a radio DJ who refuses to play the band's album on-air. He currently hosts the Earwolf podcast The Fogelnest Files with Jake Fogelnest. Look out for his writing on the upcoming TV series, Corporate, airing on Comedy Central in 2018.

In this What's In My Bag? episode, Fogelnest has nothing but complimentary things to say about Anna Biller's latest film, The Love Witch. "This is one of my favorite movies of the last year, or's this incredible labor of love," he says of the independent ode to '60s and '70s thriller/cult films, which Fogelnest describes as "a psychological comedy about narcissism and witchcraft." 

Fogelnest also picks up several 7"s, including "Duck Stab" by surreal art-rockers The Residents and "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" by Giorgio Moroder and David Bowie. "If you ever have a chance to get (them) together in the same room to record a single, you say yes." He is also a fan of Girlpool and grabs their latest album, along with a massive box set by comedy duo Scharpling & Wurster, who he praises as his "favorite thing in all of comedy."

But which Roxy Music song is featured in one of Jake Fogelnest's favorite films? And which rock and roll film starring Diane Lane does he choose? You'll have to watch the video below to find out!

Jake Fogelnest - What's In My Bag?
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