New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Nails

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Nails What's In My Bag? at Amoeba Hollywood

Todd Jones, singer and guitarist for SoCal hardcore band Nails, recently stopped by Amoeba Hollywood to grab some some records and chat with us for a "What's In My Bag?" episode. As you might expect, his stack featured a healthy dose of punk and various types of metal, but it also included several unexpected picks, like Reign Of Terror by the Brooklyn noise-pop duo Sleigh Bells. "This sounds like people who are playing a joke on somebody," Jones said of the group's dense, aggressively poppy sound. "It was like I was in a nightmare." But somehow he felt compelled to seek them out. "I kept coming back to it," he admits."I kept listening to it, and that's when I realized 'I think I like Sleigh Bells,' and it's like the most fucking obnoxious music." Now that's an endorsement!

Southern California hardcore band Nails have attracted a serious cult following thanks to their uniquely heavy combination of death metal, grindcore, punk, and powerviolence. Formed in 2009, the Nails You Will Never Be One Of Usband consists of Todd Jones (Terror, Betrayed, Carry On, Snake Eyes, Internal Affairs), guitarist Leon del Muerte (Nausea), bassist John Gianelli, and drummer Taylor Young (Disgrace). The Obscene Humanity EP introduced the band to the world later that year. Unsilent Death followed a year later.

By 2013, the band had attracted the attention of Southern Lord Records, who released their second LP, Abandon All Life. In 2016, they joined the Nuclear Blast label family, with the release of their third album, You Will Never Be One of Us. The band is slated to appear at a handful of American concert dates later this year. Anchored firmly in the underground, Nails prefer to eschew the press and let the music speak for itself.

"I've kinda started diving into a little bit of power pop," Jones said taking out Big Stars' second album, Radio City. "Some of the die-hards seem to think this is the best one, so I'm gonna start here," he told us, adding, "I like music like this, just easy to listen to...and it's not like so poppy that it's corny." Although he is an avid fan of Behemoth, Jones still hadn't checked out frontman Nergal's dark country folk project Me and That Man, so he decided to grab a copy. "I'm gonna give it a shot, I've got an open mind." He was particularly excited to find a vinyl reissue of his favorite Voivod album, Killing Technology, and appreciated being able to see the "big and beautiful" cover art.

But which hardcore band does Todd Jones thinks "transcends their genre"? And which current punk band's singer does he say is "fucking great" and "knows how to write a hook"? You'll have to watch the video below to find out!

Nails - What's In My Bag?
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