The Damned Top Ten: 10 Video Version of 70's UK Punk Pioneers Who Are Recording 2018 Album with Producer Tony Visconti

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Punk Oddities & Rare Tracks 1977-1982 (2LP) by The Damned (Let Them Eat Vinyl)

Earlier this year The Damned announced a new deal with Search & Destroy who would release the UK 70's punk pioneers 11th studio album. To be released in 2018 the band begins recording the new album next month in a Brooklyn recording studio with production from legendary producer Tony Visconti (Bowie, T.Rex, U2, Stranglers, Iggy Pop etc.) plus engineering from Grammy winning producer Kevin Kline.  The Damned's current line up is founding members Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible along with Monty Oxymoron, Andrew 'Pinch' Pinching, plus the recent return of former bassist Paul Gray who takes over from band bassist Stu West.  Gray played bass on The Damned albums The Black Album and Strawberries.

The band have played memorable shows in recent years, as seen in the 2015 live concert video clip below as well as heard five years ago on The Damned 35th Anniversary Live In Concert album. Their upcoming Visconti production will be the first new studio album in a decade from the band who last year celebrated their 40th anniversary. The Damned's last studio album was 2008’s So, Who’s Paranoid? (also avail in vinyl/LP). However in the time since there's been a steady flow of Damned retro and reissue releases, many of interest to vinyl collectors, such as the April 2017 Grave Disorder LP from Nitro Records.

For last year's four decade anniversary of The Damned, there were various vinyl reissues of the band's debut: Damned Damned Damned 40th Anniversary Edition LP (Sanctuary) and a 200 gram vinyl reissue of that same landmark debut, originally released by Stiff in January 1977: Damned Damned Damned (reissue by Drastic Plastic) who also reissued the album in colored vinyl as Yellow Vinyl Damned Damned Damned LP.

Other recent throwback releases include the double vinyl LP collection  Punk Oddities & Rare Tracks 1977-1982 (2LP).  Among its dozen tracks are demo versions of “Nasty” and “Do the Blitz” plus Live '77 recordings of  “Stab Your Back” and “You Know.” That 2015 released album was from the Let Them Eat Vinyl. Also in 2015, that label did vinyl reissues of The Black Album LP, and Fiendish Shadows LP. Meanwhile both Santuary and Drastic Plastic reissued different formats of the band's second album Music For Pleasure.  Originally released in 1977 it was only months after their acclaimed debut and suffered the sophomore curse. Their debut deservedly garnered wider acclaim, and overshadowed this second release that was produced by Pink Floyd's Nick Mason. But he was only their second choice after not been able to connect with the ever elusive founding member Syd Barrett

The Damned: Damned Damned Damned also avail on LP/vinyl - reissue via Drastic Plastic
who also reissued vinyl version LP Yellow Vinyl Damned Damned Damned LP.

As accurately summed up on their Amoeba bio: London punk rock band The Damned's motto of "anarchy, chaos & destruction" proved to be one the all-time great examples of truth in advertising. With a ferocious, drastically accelerated sound, their brand of amplified savagery delivered the most exciting, over-stimulated form of rock ‘n’ roll extant in the mid to late 1970s. Famed for their manic, oft violent onstage antics (routinely employing fire and hurled equipment), bizarre noms de guerre —  Captain Sensible, Rat Scabies and Dave Vanian  — and tumultuous music, The Damned were an altogether electrifying band. To call them groundbreaking would scarcely begin to cover it. The Damned were the first British punk group to release a single, the first to release an album, the first to tour America, the first to breakup (and reform) and while not the first to sell-out to a major label (as had Sham 69 and X-Ray Spex), they have enjoyed sustained longevity, a feat which none of their other contemporaries managed, albeit doing so by morphing into a goth-pop hybrid act. [Read full Damned Amoeba bio

In October 2017 the Damned along with Tony Visconti will record the band's upcoming 2018 album. In late January 2018 they'll kick off The Damned ‘Evil Spirits’ 2018 UK Tour with an opening date of 26th of January at Newcastle's O2 Academy and a few weeks later, 17th of February  a closing date at London's O2 Forum. Below is The Damned Top Ten List [Video Version] that along with nine Damned band clips, including full June 1979 Waldorf San Francisco show, includes the 1982 Captain Sensible solo funky rap hit "Wot."

The Damned Top Ten [Video Version]
. 01: The Damned “New Rose” (1976) has distinction of been the first single by a punk rock band out
of the United Kingdom, edging out the Sex Pistols debut by a matter of weeks. The Damned were
formed in 1976 by Dave Vanian (lead vocals), Rat Scabies (drums), Brian James (guitar),
and (bassist / guitarist) Captain Sensible. "New Rose" is found on Damned Damned Damned
(also avail on LP/vinyl - and Yellow Vinyl Damned Damned Damned LP)

02: The Damned “Neat Neat Neat” (1976) single off Jan 1977 debut album Damned Damned Damned (also avail on LP/vinyl - and Yellow Vinyl Damned Damned Damned LP)

03: The Damned “Live @ Waldorf, San Francisco, 1979” raw energy fueled full 52 minute set of the band, care of Target Video, from June 1979 when they played San Francisco’s Waldorf in a rough round the edges, punk show that included Captain Sensible’s insensible act of peeing on his San Francisco audience [at 36:42 mark  in above video].

04: The Damned Live on Old Grey Whistle Test, 1979: “Smash It Up” + “I Just Can’t Be Happy Today” from their third studio album: 1979's Machine Gun Etiquette (also avail on LP/vinyl)

05: The Damned live at Chicago Riot Fest (2015):“New Rose” + “Neat Neat Neat” - From just two years ago where the band proved that they kill it in concert, four decades later!

06: The Damned “Love Song” live on German TV (1979) of song off their third album Machine Gun Etiquette (also avail on LP/vinyl)

07: The Damned Peel Session Audio with Video Mix: "I Just Can't Be Happy Today" version with slightly different lyrics from the original. It was recorded for the John Peel Show with the fan made video, a montage of several live performances of the song including the Old Grey Whistle Test appearance.

08: The Damned "Plan 9 Channel 7" (1979) from the albumMachine Gun Etiquette (also avail on LP/vinyl)

09: Captain Sensible “Wot” (1982) his homage-meets-parody of the early 80’s burgeoning hip-hop rap musical movement. This was just one hit from Captain Sensible's healthy side solo career that began in 1978 during a Damned hiatus when he recorded a cover of Elton Motello’s "Jet Boy, Jet Girl” that would also be a Damned song. His solo career included several albums thru to the mid nineties, neatly comprised on such artist compilations as  Best Of Captain Sensible and Collection. The funky rap single “Wot” was from his 1982 debut solo album Women and Captains First that also included the even bigger, and even more unlikely, hit. “Happy Talk.” That was the Broadway musical show tune from Rodgers & Hammerstein's 1949 musical South Pacific.  Captain Sensible's cover would become a number one hit single in the UK that year.

10: The Damned “Eloise” (1985) was a hit single (#3 UK Top 40) from the ever evolving band’s goth-pop hybrid stage for their sixth album Phantasmagoria (not to be confused with similarly titled turntablist album by D-Styles, Phantazmagorea.)

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