New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Power Trip

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Power Trip What's In My Bag?

Texas crossover thrash metal band Power Trip stopped by Amoeba Hollywood recently hunting for records. The five members had very eclectic picks, ranging from black metal to Britpop, post-punk to alt-country, and they had a lot to say about all of them, especially their home state heroes, ZZ Top. "This is one of the greatest American rock bands," proclaimed bassist Chris Whetzel as he held up the band's breakthrough record, Tres Hombres. "If you don't like this band then I have some words for you."

With roots in the genres of hardcore, metal, and punk, Dallas-based Power Trip has shared the stage with a remarkably diverse range of artists, including Merchandise, Big Freedia, Title Fight, Power Trip Nightmare LogicAnthrax, and Napalm Death. Founded in 2008, the current lineup consists of Riley Gale, Blake Ibanez, Chris Ulsh, Nick Stewart, and Chris Whetzel.

After self-releasing an early collection of demos, the group first began attracting notice with the release of their Armaggedon Blues EP. Power Trip toured relentlessly, putting out a self-titled three-song EP in 2011 and then signing on for an appearance at the 2012 Pitchfork Festival. The following year, the band signed to Southern Lord and released their first full-length, Manifest Decimation. Their sophomore LP, Nightmare Logic, followed in early 2017. Power Trip is touring North America this fall with Obituary, Exodus, and Dust Bolt.

While there were plenty of metal picks, including Wulkanaz, Nocturnal Blood, and the first six Sepultura records, the members of Power Trip also chose a decent helping of British albums, like The Verve and Blur. "I'm sure I'm disappointing all our metal fans," said guitarist Blake Ibanez, but he couldn't help his love for a "good, catchy Britpop rock record." The band also revealed their love of country music with new releases by Sturgill Simpson and Ryan Adams, while singer Riley Gale talked growing up listening to Motown and soul and grabbed a lesser known Al Green LP and Marvin Gaye's soundtrack recording for the film Trouble Man.

But which group is Riley Gale's favorite band in the world? And which recent addition to the 4AD roster does he consider to be a genius? You'll have to watch the "What's In My Bag?" episode to find out!

Power Trip - What's In My Bag?
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