Warbringer Talks Death Metal, Black Metal & "What's In My Bag?"

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Burzum versus Death? Possessed versus Mayhem? Just what is the difference between black metal and death metal? Perhaps to metalheads the question is elementary, or even insulting, but to the metal novice an explanation is useful. Thankfully, our recent "What's In My Bag?" interview with Warbringer spawned an impromptu lesson. Having many a descriptive thing to say about their music and movie choices, the guys from the Newbury Park thrash metal band had no trouble enlightening us about the differences between the two sub-genres.

"Fundamentally it's this: the objective is different," starts lead singer John Kevill. "Death metal wants to basically crush shit," he says. "Black metal's this more cathartic, emotional thing."

We loved the band's "metalology" lecture so much that we turned it into its own video. In it they break down the technical, emotional, and geographical differences between the two sounds, and the different sub-genres that subsequently stem from them.

Watch Warbringer's lesson on black metal and death metal below:

Black Metal vs Death Metal with Warbringer
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Founded in 2004 by a pair of high school friends, vocalist John Kevill joined the thrash metal band early on and remains a constant despite several lineup changes. In 2006, the band self-released their debut EP One by One, the Wicked Fall. They signed with Century Media a year later. In 2008, Warbringer released their first full-length, War Without End and embarked on a national tour as support for Exodus. A year later came the band's follow-up, Waking Into Nightmares. The band continued to tour heavily, with tour dates around the globe.

Warbringer Woe To The Vanquished

World Torn Asunder was released in 2011; a well-received fourth LP, appropriately titled IV: Empires Collapse came out two years later. In March 2017, the band released Woe to the Vanquished, their first LP for Napalm Records. The band set forth on a lengthy North American tour with Destruction in the spring and they are currently touring Europe with Death Angel.

It wasn't all metal for the band in their "What's In My Bag?" episode, particularly for drummer Carlos Cruz, who picked up both The Strokes' debut record, Is This It, and The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds Sessions box set. Kevill selected the vinyl reissue of the Conan The Barbarian soundtrack, while guitarist Adam Caroll completed his VHS Lethal Weapon collection with the elusive third installment. On the heavier side of things the guys grabbed Darkthrone's first record Soulside Journey, Autopsy's Severed Survival and Power Trip's latest release, Nightmare Logic, which Kevill describes as "pure aggression."

But what was Carlos Cruz's passion before music? And will John Kevill choose the Motorhead or the Venom coffee mug? You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Warbringer - What's In My Bag?
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