Oakland Rapper Kamaiyah Fully Reppin' The Town in Video for "Build You Up" off Her Forthcoming Major Label Debut

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Hardworking and hella talented Oakland rapper Kamaiyah, now signed to Interscope Records with her major label debut slated for later this year, demonstrated her unwavering love for "The Town" (Oakland) with the unveiling yesterday of the 100% Oakland-proud music video for "Build You Up" (see below). The positive-message lyrically laden, uptempo, throwback, early nineties sounding song (complete with that era's raggamuffin rap breakdown and video with her + dancers donning 90's styled T-shirt logos) is a teaser of the born-in-the-nineties rapper's forthcoming Interscope full-length Don’t Ever Get It Twisted. That anticipated late 2017 release follows her acclaimed 2016 indie release, the impressive mixtape A Good Night in the Ghetto.

For the new Damien Sandoval directed, Interscope Records produced music video the dedicated Oakland artist insisted on keeping it local and in The Town with location shoots including MacArthur BART platform (pic above) as well as on the BART train, outside the Fox Theater in the Uptown district of Oakland, and by the Grand Lake Theatre over by Lake Merritt. On previous, pre-major label music videos by the artist, such as the Oakland shot "Fuck It Up (feat. YG)" and "I'm On" (featuring such Oakland locations as Uptown's The New Parish and East O's 99th Ave & MacArthur),  Kamaiyah's made a point of consistently and proudly featuring locations in her East Bay city. So major props to her for continuing this practice on her latest music video.

Note that the Teddy Riley (circa early '90's New Jack Swing) sounding "Build You UP" track's production credits list Drew Banga, Trackademicks and 1-O.A.K. With this new track, these previous production collaborators (Examples: Drew Banga produced "I'm On." 1-O.A.K. produced "Swing My Way" and Trackademicks produced "Freaky Freaks" from last year's  A Good Night in the Ghetto) offer a refreshing alternate sound to most of the major label cookie cutter rap being churned out these days. So far no definitive release date beyond "late 2017" on Kamaiyah's upcoming Interscope debut album,  Don’t Ever Get It Twisted. But watch this space for news and updates. And below watch Kamaiyah's new video along with a sampling of some of her previously published music videos plus the audio only of the 2016 E-40 banger she guested on ("Petty" off the E-40 album D-Boy Diary 1 & 2 deluxe version).

Kamaiyah "Build You Up" (2017)

Kamaiyah - "Fuck It Up (feat. YG)" (2016)

Kamaiyah "I'm On" (2016)

E-40 "Petty (feat. Kamaiyah)" (2016) (audio only)

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