Hip-Hop Rap Up 07:31:17: Madchild, BadBadNotGood, DJ Harrison, Kool Keith Presents Tashan Dorrsett, Howie B

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Amoeba Music Hip-Hop Top Five 07:31:17

1: Madchild The Darkest Hour (also avail on LP/vinyl) (Battle Axe Records)

2: Kool Keith Presents: Tashan Dorrsett The Preacher picture disc LP (Junkadelic/Fat Beats)

3: BadBadNotGood Late Night Tales (also on vinyl/LP) (Late Night Tales)

4: DJ Harrison Hazy Moods (Stones Throw)

5: Howie B + Craig Richards "Old Boys (feat. Shaun Ryder)" 7" (Tuppence)

Madchild's new "Black & White" video was shot on location in India as part of the promotion for the
Swollen Members' emcee's excellent new solo album The Darkest Hour (on LP/vinyl) via Battle Axe

1: Madchild The Darkest Hour (on LP/vinyl) (Battle Axe):  Madchild''s new album title, The Darkest Hour, pretty much sums up and sets the tone for the Swollen Members star's excellent new, Evidence produced, solo album. Released by Battle Axe in CD and in LP/vinyl formats the 14 track release lyrically is a cathartic exercise in the former opioid-addicted artist's troubled soul and the painful thoughts that routinely haunt his mind. This ongoing internal mental battle, following an admitted five year intense addiction to the painkiller Percocet, was captured by the album's lead singles/videos "Write It Down" and "BadChild."  Like much of the new album, the narrative of those songs tackled the dark places he has gone in his mind as a result of his out-of-control addiction: one that he once estimated cost him $3million spent on drugs!  On the album track "Broken Record" he notes how the temptation is always nearby, especially when he has nothing to occupy his time with. "Addicts are addicts, there's no way around it," he raps on the song, apologizing for sounding like a broken record, and noting how there are "Bumps in the road, just jump back on the wagon. Everyone slips up once, it just happens." Then on the album track and its new accompanying video, shot to dramatic effect on location in India, he bears his soul and his not so pretty life before as he saw it with "Evil all around and hatred" in yet another song of soul searching and reflecting on life and relationships etc. But it is Madchild's hopeful positive tone of overcoming the darkness that makes the album such a pleasure to listen to: that and its pitch perfect production by Evidence.  The multi-talented LA producer (and rapper) also lends his emcee skills to four of the new album's fourteen tracks including "Green Light," "Corleone," "All I Know" (also featuring guest Krondon from Strong Arm Steady), and "Club 33" that also features Evidence's longtime collaborator The Alchemist.  All of these, along with all the other album's carefully chosen guests (Domo Genesis, Oh No, Fashawn, Aston Matthews and Illmaculate), perfectly compliment Madchild's flow and style. 

Madchild "Write It Down" from the new album The Darkest Hour (also avail on LP/vinyl) (2017)

2: Kool Keith Presents: Tashan Dorrsett The Preacher picture disc LP (Junkadelic/Fat Beats)

As The Preacher picture disc LP version this is a new project in both presentation (picture disc pressing) and in content (includes bonus instrumental versions of all songs), but as followers/fans of Kool Keith will quickly note, this project, that was released a year ago in 2016 on regular vinyl as the eight song EP The Preacher by Junkadelic. However Kool Keith Presents: Tashan Dorrsett actually dates back eight years, all the way back to 2009 when Junkadelic initially unveiled the project from the Dr. Octagon and Ultramagnetic MC's emcee. For the full background story on this 2009 Kool Keith Presents: Tashan Dorrsett project check out the video documentary below from 2009 with Kool Keith speaking on the project. This new vinyl LP version of the Junkaz Lou produced collection differs from last year's EP vinyl release from Junkadelic in that it is a sixteen track release that on Side B includes the eight instrumental versions of each song on Side A.  54 minutes total, 27 minutes of music on each side, with the track titles appearing in order as:  "Let Me Breath," "Spanked," "Do You Wanna Ride?,"  "V.I.P.," "The Preacher," "Touch Her" and "Basquiat."

Kool Keith presents Tashan Dorrsett documentary, re new The Preacher picture disc LP

3:  BadBadNotGood Late Night Tales (also on vinyl/LP) (Late Night Tales)

The talented, prolific hip-hop / jazz / funk rooted Canadian musical quartet BadBadNotGood return with Late Night Tales (also on vinyl/LP) via the Late Night Tales imprint for whom they contribute the latest installment in this artist curated mixtape series.  Choosing artists that somehow influenced them and/or their style, their various artists collection includes a diverse list that ranges from the Beach Boys to Thundercat, and Boards Of Canada to Lydia Lunch to name check four of the twenty artists featured in addition to the band themselves. The BadBadNotGood contributed track is their version of Andy Shauf's "To You."  Too bad (bad, not good) they didn't also include as a second track of their own the late night sounding "Can't Leave The Night" that was showcased on a recent episode of the latest season of AMC's Better Call Saul. While admittedly different from the content of this latest album that bears the group's name, the fan recorded concert video immediately below is well worth checking out. It was recorded two weeks ago at the Lagunitas Brewery in Petaluma CA and is a good example of this skilled quartet in the live setting.

BadBadNotGoog live at  @ Lagunitas Brewery July 18 2017

4: DJ Harrison Hazy Moods LP (Stones Throw)

Now linked with Peanut Butter Wolf's prestigious Stones Throw Records label, Richmond VA producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist DJ Harrison unveils his vinyl release Hazy Moods that, as its title implies, is a hazy, lazy jazzy groove-laden collection of instrumental songs. Fourteen quick tracks, clocking in just under 27 minutes of total running time, these include such smoky jazzy beats as "Party Life," "Ridin Spokes," "Piano Jazz," and "Jazz Haze."   Born Devonne Harris, DJ Harrison was raised in a musical household, the son of a radio DJ  with a large record collection. A student of the violin at a young age, in high school Harris became a member of the drum-line, and by college age attended the Jazz Studies program at the Virginia Commonwealth University during which time he became a member of the self-described "garage punk jazz funk" group Butcher Brown. Below is a video clip with the audio-only of his new album Hazy Moods.

DJ Harrison Hazy Moods LP [audio only] (2017)

5: Howie B + Craig Richards "Old Boys (feat. Shaun Ryder)" 7" (Tuppence)

Although filed under "electronic jazz" this newly released seven inch 45 RPM single can be filed under instrumental hip-hop or even acid jazz. A limited run pressing, the instant collectible seven inch is the soulful sample driven "Old Boys" track on Side A that features Shaun Ryder.

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