Hip-Hop Rap Up 07:23:17: Brian Coleman, Sean Price, Tyler, The Creator, Meek Mill, Trae Tha Truth, Ras Kass, Twiztid, Lando Chill

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Amoeba Music New Hip-Hop Releases Top 5: 07:23:17

1: Tyler, The Creator Flower Boy (Explicit Cover CD) (Columbia/Legacy)

2: Meek Mill Wins & Losses (Atlantic)

3: Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Part 3  (Empire)

4: Twiztid Abominationz Picture Disc LP (Majik Ninja)

5: Ras Kass Soul On Ice 2LP Reissue (Priority)

Last night in Connecticut during a Hot 93.7 radio sponsored Chance The Rapper headlining concert a reported 90 people were hospitalized, reportedly most for out of hand inexperienced heavy drinking resulting in dozens of underage drinkers suffering from "severe alcohol intoxication" and resulting in the local Hartford ambulance service calling out for back-up support from neighboring towns. Meanwhile back in California the other day (July 20th) at Amoeba Berkeley author Brian Coleman and DJ Platurn's jointly curated Checking The Technique panel on hip-hop, that included Domino, Adisa the Bishop, Prozack from Foreign Legion, and Eric Arnold, went well according to all in attendance with DJ Stef reporting that the best parts were all the stories that the veteran hip-hop panelists had to share.

Now back home in his native Boston, MA Brian Coleman spoke with the Amoeblog today to say how happy he was with this week's Amoeba hosted panel discussion and needle drop session. "Having six amazing people up on the stage -- each who could hold court for two hours all on their own -- was a bit daunting in concept, since we wanted to make sure everyone was glad they showed up and that they each had a chance to share their wisdom. I think we accomplished that goal, and a great crowd in attendance heard a lot of great stories," reported Coleman adding that, "My favorite part of the evening was after Domino blew our minds telling us the story about Freestyle Fellowship battling Hiero at his house in the mid '90s, he also lamented that no one recorded it and [that], 'No one documented it.' To which I replied, 'But you just did!' By sharing these stories to a larger audience it enriches fans and makes them want to know more and, hey, if word spreads, maybe someone 'does' have pictures or video and will come forward. As a side note, if the stage wasn't so packed that we were almost spilling over, we would have invited DJ Stef of the legendary Vinyl Exchange up there to share her own stories and wisdom. But we were just glad she was in the building. And maybe that just sets thing up for a 'Part 2' of the discussion at Amoeba in the future."

New arrivals into Amoeba Music this week include a couple of new vinyl reissues of older albums: Twiztid's 2012 album Abominationz picture disc LP version, and the hip-hop classic 1996 Ras Kass album Soul On Ice 2LP  via Priority that fans are sure to snap up by the artist who continues to make strong new music including his ongoing, engaging, non-commissioned Game of Thrones series wrap-ups. The accompanying video version of the most recent one, unleashed before the latest season (seven) of the popular HBO series debuted last weekend, appears below and includes not just Ras Kass' neat wrap up of the last season but his predictions for the new upcoming season that just began. Also in the video clips below for this video version Hip-Hop Rap Up are corresponding videos for the new albums from Tyler, The Creator:  "Who Dat Boy" off his new album Flower Boy (Explicit Cover CD), Trae Tha Truth's "Changed On Me (feat. Money Man)" from Tha Truth Part 3  (Empire), plus the brand new full 26 minute movie Wins & Losses that was just released over the past couple of days in conjunction with the newly released Meek Mill albumWins & Losses on Atlantic Records.  Other new music videos included below include new from Lando Chill via Mello Music Group (MMG) plus new track from the late great Sean Price's upcoming posthumous full-length (his fourth) studio album: an animated video for the August 2017's album Imperious Rex's title track (Duck Down). And speaking of the late beloved BK emcee, who is now gone from the world two years, Sean Price continues to offer us music posthumously that also includes his killer contribution to the new DJ Skizz produced Jakk Frost track "General's Entrance" that also features cameos from Freeway and Tana. The audio only is below (scroll all the way down) and is culled from the upcoming Winter Is Coming album from Frost and Skizz.

Tyler, The Creator "Who Dat Boy" from the album Flower Boy (Explicit Cover CD) (Columbia/Legacy)

Meek Mill Wins & Losses:The Full Movie (2017)

Trae Tha Truth "Changed On Me (feat. Money Man)" from Tha Truth Part 3

Ras Kass "Soul On Ice" from the 1996 album Soul On Ice 2LP 2017 reissue

Twiztid "Lift Me Up" [audio only] from the 2012 album reissue Abominationz Picture Disc LP (2017)

Ras Kass "Game Of Thrones' S.6 Recap-Rap & S.7 Predictions" (2017)

Sean Price "Imperius Rex" (2017)

Lando Chill "Break Them Shackles" from the MMG album The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind (2017)

Jakk Frost "General's Entrance (prod. by DJ Skizz & feat. Sean Price, Freeway & Tana)" (2017)

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