New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with T.S.O.L.

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John Grisham TSOL What's In My Bag?

Jack Grisham, lead singer of legendary Long Beach punk band T.S.O.L., recently visited Amoeba Hollywood and shared some of his favorite records with us in this "What's In My Bag?" episode. The lyricist and author had much to say about what the albums meant to him, including The Beatles' Revolver, which he often listens to while making his own music. "When I put on a great song, it makes me want to strive to write a great song," he tells us. "It's just the feeling of thinking, god, something this cool was created."

T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty) was founded in 1978 in Long Beach, CA. Original members Jack Grisham (vocals), Ron Emory (guitar), and Mike Roche (bass) are still with the band. The band's self-titled debut EP was released in spring 1981. Their first full-length, Dance with Me, landed later that T.S.O.L. The Trigger Complexsame year. The band signed to Alternative Tentacles in 1982, the same year Greg Kuehn (piano, synths) joined the group. He departed a year later and returned in 2005. Drummer Chip Hanna joined in 2016.

After a series of lineup changes, T.S.O.L. disbanded in 2006. By late 2007, however, they were back together. They released Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Free Downloads in 2008. Over the course of the next decade, the bandmates embarked on solo projects, released a couple EPs, and toured the US, Europe, and South America. In early 2017, they released their long-awaited follow-up, The Trigger Complex.

"This is one of the best fuckin' records ever made, I love these guys," says Grisham pulling out a copy of The Damned's Machine Gun Etiquette. Grisham also found an Elvis Costello compilation and told us about the time he saw Costello and The Attractions at his high school in Long Beach (on the same tour as the famed Hollywood High concert), along with Nick Lowe and Mink DeVille for $5. "It's when music was all changin'... sat right in the orchestra pit and just...dug it." Grisham picked up a vinyl reissue of Prince's self-titled record, explaining that when you put "'I Wanna Be Your Lover" on in the car "it feels like something cool is gonna happen."

But which '70s hit has one of Jack Grisham's favorite first lines? And what is his unexpected connection to Jack Johnson? You'll have to watch the video below to find out:

T.S.O.L. - What's In My Bag?
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