Brian Eno Half Speed Vinyl Remasters Coming Soon

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Brian Eno Half Speed Remasters

Four of Brian Eno's pioneering early releases are getting served up as very special vinyl reissues on August 4th via Astralwerks. Remastered at half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road, each of these limited edition releases consists of a 180-gram double-LP to be played at 45RPM. You can pre-order them now at Kicking things off is Eno's 1974 solo debut, Here Come the Warm Jets. The reissue series ends with 1977’s Before and After Science.

Here's why each of these albums earned "legendary" status.

Another Green World

Another Green World

On Eno's third solo LP, he began moving away from his earlier, more rock-based sound, instead experimenting further with ambient soundscapes and synth-oriented minimalism. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, Another Green World features contributions from Robert Fripp, John Cale, and Phil Collins

Before and After Science

Before and After Science

After this 1977 LP, Eno began moving more and more towards the ambient sound that would characterize most of his late '70s output. Over a hundred tracks were written for the album; only ten made it onto the final cut. The album's cast of all-star collaborators includes members of Roxy Music, Free, Fairport Convention, Can, Hawkwind, and Cluster.

Here Come the Warm Jets

Here Come the Warm Jets

Eno's solo debut is rooted in glam and art-rock while exhibiting obvious experimental proclivities. Peaking at #26 on the UK album charts and at #151 on the US Billboard charts, it's one of his best-selling releases.

Taking Tiger Mountain

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Inspired by a Chinese revolutionary opera, the production on Eno's sophomore LP was guided by Oblique Strategies, a series of notecards created by Eno and Peter Schmidt to facilitate the creative process. While the album's sound is considered more upbeat than much of Eno's early discography, the lyrical themes are dark, delving into material such as plane crashes, Maoist politics, and insane asylums.

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