Strange Space Sounds, Surf Strums & Muuu-zak from other Galaxies

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By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

There is an old rumor that Don Knotts actually drank seven real Blast-Offs (a Boilermaker with a launch Esquivelcountdown) in the filming of the bar scene in The Reluctant Astronaut, and after the beyond-intoxicating take seven, he staggered off set, mumbling incoherently about the physical natural wonders of the Swedish actress Uschi Digard, until he reached his trailer, put on a Ferrante & Teicher space album (it is still debated by movie historians which LP it was: Soundproof: The Sound of Tomorrow Today or Blast Off, which would have made more sense), and proceeded to get naked, keeping on only his space helmet and knee high black socks. He then performed an interpretive moon man dance with the trailer's window shades open so passing actors and actresses could admire his off stage talents.

Now, some folks love Space Age Pop and they day dream while listening to their Esquivel and Dick Hyman records that they owned a Jetsons space car so they could zip from the moon burger stand to the space shopping mall while a French maid robot cleaned their condo. Personally, I like to practice my pendulum dowsing with a few slices of Mimolette and chilled port while I listen to "Fear" off the Ventures in Space album on repeat.

And on the topic of Space Surf music, you may have a copy of The TrashWomen vs Deep Space but The Astronettesdo you own a copy of the all-women French group, The Astronettes? They play only covers, and I mean exact covers, of the 1960's Colorado surf band The Astronauts. Why, you will be so amazed how similar they sound, it's downright uncanny! (Someone is a marketing genius, and I helped pull out a fried grasshopper leg that was stuck in the roof of that mysterious genius's mouth once when we were in Mexico City.) Perhaps the only difference between The Astronauts and The Astronettes is that the Astronettes play topless...or at least they are topless on their bios on the back of the album. My favorite bio is of Carol the Guitarist. It reads, "Carol is a true artist, both on stage and in the kitchen. 'A lot of people believe that a woman can not play guitar or be a great chef but zey are wrong!'" She exclaims, and who are we to argue?

The Spotnicks' "Rocket Man" video will make you ponder about where Devo got some of their famous stage moves.

And some days, after a hard time in the office, I like to just come home, kick my shoes off across the room, lay on my Grandma's Turkish rug that's sprinkled with stale Cheerios and mashed grapes from my kids, and "SPACE-OUT" at the ceiling while listening to "Karma Sitar" off the 101 Strings ‎- Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000 album.

Let's face it, every record collector "needs" at least one or two late-1950's space sound effects albums just to bewilder the neighbors.

Folks, these are just a tip of the space iceberg (remember The Ice Pirates? That movie was so good as a kid) of space music, for it is space.

Hey, do you have a friend's Birthday coming up? Sleuth out a copy of Al Caiola's Magic Guitars Music for Space Squirrels. It's really fun and the perfect present if your friend is a little nuts...or likes nuts. Hmm...are you nuts?

Space Sounds


Space Escapades, Les Baxter

Music from Out of Space

Venture is Space

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