Mozzy Records’ "Baggage Claim" an Evident Reflection of Pure Love

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Mozzy Baggage ClaimBy doubleay

Sacramento’s Mozzy has one of the most flavorful vocabularies in contemporary rap music, but beyond that his knack for wordplay expands and redefines language itself. From sayings like “what It izery” to “bladadah,” Mozzy could publish an entire book of his colloquialisms and immensely quotable quips alone. Let’s call them Mozzyisms. One of the most imprinting Mozzyisms has to be his use of the words "pure love." As Mozzy continues to garner more national esteem outside Northern California, the saying is being used far more frequently. His incomparable work ethic and the sheer quality of his lyricism has artists and industry figures along the likes of author/media mogul Karen Civil and radio host of Sway in the Morning, Sway Calloway to MMG’s Wale and 300’s Tee Grizzley all riding for him. All of whom are giving him more and more reasons to express 'pure love.'

Before the industry attention and well deserved 320,000 Instagram followers, the ‘pure love’ was reserved for his devoted day-ones and most promising collaborators. When fame comes about some artists outgrow their roots, while others may see a change in the way they’re treated by their early peers. Mozzy RecordsBaggage Claim album simply defies both cases. As Mozzy progresses, he keeps his brothers right on track with him, knocking down doors and paving lanes for original Mozzy Records members and young, promising spitters he has co-signed. From the more prevalent seasoned members, E-Mozzy and Celly Ru, to the freshly co-signed acts like Fairfield’s Young Mezzy and Sacramento’s Shootergang and Baby Face Gunna, all featured on Baggage Claim, Mozzy’s love remains pure.

Shootergang Jojo - "Up Now"

Overall, Mozzy’s ‘pure love’ is far more than a simple co-sign or album placement. Mozzy made it out of the trenches with his camp and finally they all can begin to celebrate every step of their shared struggle. As for the younger acts, Shootergang rappers Jojo and Kony are gaining undeniable buzz in Northern California, and Mozzy has facilitated an opportunity for the youth to positively change their environment and break free from the trials and tribulations of the impoverished streets of Oak Park. He has also delivered a standout hit with incarcerated San Francisco rapper Yatta with their record “Free Yatta,” allowing Yatta to have a voice and musical presence while behind bars. Mozzy’s collaborations have even refreshed careers of artists who’ve gained notoriety far before he ever did. His collaborative album with Houston’s Trae Tha Truth and more recent Dreadlocks and Headshots album with MMG’s Gunplay have brought fresh ears to tune into these experienced artists in a manner only a rare breed like Mozzy could do.

Mozzy & Gunplay - "Out Here Really"

Mozzy has released nearly a dozen albums in the last year alone, including collaborative projects with artists all over the country, all while teasing his ever anticipated 1 Up Top Ahk album. Mozzy and his camp are midway through their first ever national tour. Mozzy has bettered the odds for a slew of promising talent that perhaps wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. To conclude, Mozzy has done nothing but express and spread ‘pure love’ every step of the way, and it’s about time everybody reciprocates that support. Mozzy Records' Baggage Claim album is in stores now and on, and you can get tickets to catch him on tour here.

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