With Two New Viral Videos ("Good Cop Bad Cop" + Real Time with Bill Maher), Ice Cube Now Turns Attention To BIG3 Launch

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Following Ice Cube's hectic attention grabbing past few days, the rapper/actor and now sports mogul must turn his focus to ready for the launch of his ambitious newly created professional basketball league, BIG3. This past Friday, June 9th, the former N.W.A talent and solo rap star published his powerful provocative, anti-police brutality video "Good Cop Bad Cop" which marks a return to form for the once revolutionary rap artist and is one of three bonus tracks off the new 25th Anniversary Edition of Death Certificate, his second post N.W.A solo album originally released in December 1991. [released in May 1990, AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted was Cube's debut solo). In the two days since the YouTube music video posting of the song, which revisits many of the themes addressed three decades ago in N.W.A classic that Cube co-wrote with MC Ren and Eazy-E, "Fuck The Police," the captivating new clip has gone viral garnering over 2.75 million  views by Sunday night.

The Gabriel Hart–directed music video, with lines like "Black Lives Matter. It's not chit chatter, cos all they wanna do is scatter brain matter," was posted early in the day Friday June 9th. Then later that same day, Friday night, a video clip of his appearance at 10pm on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher also went viral. In the live TV show excerpt, that also features Symone Sanders, the artist born O'Shea Jackson is seen kindly but firmly confronting and schooling the host on just how unhappy he was with Maher's controversial on air use of the "N" word from the previous week's television show. The new no-holds-barred Cube, who attacks "racist muthafuckas" in his anti-cop song, articulately breaks down for Maher all of the reasons why this behavior by a white person was so wrong. That Real Time video clip has, in the two days since been published, racked up just under two million views. Both the talk show and the  music video, which each in their own way show how the Ice Cube of old is back in full effect, appear down below.

No doubt in the aftermath of all this, Cube will be inundated with requests for follow up interviews on these topics. However odds are that his time will be limited since in two weeks he will be launching the professional basketball league that he co-created with entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz. Further solidifying hip-hop and basketball's long ongoing close relationship, Cube's BIG3 league has been generating quite a buzz since its announcement back on January 11th, all leading up to the June 25th launch with game one taking place that Sunday at Brooklyn's big Barclays Center. As explained five months ago upon its announcement, this novel new basketball league set up is a 3-on-3 concept featuring former NBA greats and players including many well known names, some acting as coaches and most players including legendary former NBA point guard Allen Iverson who will be both a coach and player of the 3's Company team.

Most like Iverson, who is 42, may be retirement age by NBA standards but are more than fit and anxious to still play competitive basketball or at least act as coach. These include 48 year old former Seattle Supersonics star Gary Payton who will be coach of the new league's 3 Headed Monsters team. [Note the Oakland born Payton happens to be a longtime friend of E-40's - yet another in the long list of diehard basketball fanatic hip-hopper]. Among the other former NBA greats signed to Cube's BIG3 are Charles Oakley, J.R. Rider, Latrell Sprewell,  Chauncey Billups, Kenyon Martin, Jason Williams, Stephen Jackson and Jermaine O'Neal. For the BIG3's relatively short two month season, with the final game in Las Vegas on August 26th, there will be a total of eight traveling teams who will play games every Sunday.

Each BIG3 team will include five players and one coach and the weekly games will be quadruple-headers with each BIG3 team playing another team in a different city every week. Teams include the Killer 3's with Charles Oakley as coach and player, Chauncey Billups as captain, and the other players rounding out the five man team being Brian Cook, Larry Hughes, and Reggie Evans. The Tri-State team has Julius Erving as coach, Jermaine O'Neal as captain, Bonzi Wells as co-captain along with players Mike James, Lee Nailon, and Xaviar Silas. Other teams include Trilogy, Ghost Ballers, Power, and Ball Hogs. On BIG3's week nine there'll be one playoff game. And on week ten there'll be the BIG3 championship game. Below is the week by week schedule with each city and venue included. And immediately below that are those two aforementioned videos.

Ice Cube's BIG3 Premiere Schedule: June 25 - August 26 2017
    Week 1 (June 25): Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY
    Week 2 (July 2): Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC
    Week 3 (July 9): BOK Center, Tulsa, OK
    Week 4 (July 16): Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
    Week 5 (July 23): UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
    Week 6 (July 30): American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX
    Week 7 (August 6): Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY
    Week 8 (August 13): Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
    Week 9 (August 20): Key Arena, Seattle, WA (Playoffs)
    Week 10 (August 26): T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV (Championship)

Ice Cube and Symone Sanders on White Privilege | Real Time with Bill Maher (June 9, 2017)

Ice Cube "Good Cop, Bad Cop" (June 9, 2017)

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