Comparing Tricky's New Song "The Only Way" With His Maxinquaye Album Quintessential Track "Hell is Round the Corner"

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Today Tricky unleashed his brand new track "The Only Way" that, upon listening to, longtime fans of the Bristol, England trip-hop  pioneer's will inevitably compare it to the artist's quintessential song "Hell is Round the Corner" off his post Wild Bunch / Massive Attack, 1995 solo debut Maxinquaye. And that comparison would be an honest, accurate one. In fact even Tricky himself describes the new track, part of a recording session series in done recently in Berlin, as "Hell Is Round The Corner Part 2." Further he noted that it's the type of homage to his own work that in the past he never would have dreamed of doing. 

"A few years ago I'd have said I ain't doing this because it sounds like me," said the artist born Adrian Thaws  noting that, "I always had a punk rock attitude: I don't give a fuck if you like Maxinquaye, I ain't doing another Maxinquaye. Now I'm a bit more comfortable giving people what they want sometimes." Listen and compare "Hell is Round the Corner" with the new "The Only Way" that iK7 label, who are distributing the single, accurately describe as "an orchestrated soul-barer" featuring Tricky's "trademark vocals taking centre-stage over a smoke-filled melodic backdrop." Both tracks are immediately below. So far no official new album date or announcement that would be the follow up to last year's Skilled Mechanics (also avail on LP) that was also distributed by !K7 for the artist's own False Idols imprint.

Tricky "The Only Way" (2017)

Tricky "Hell is Round the Corner" (1995)

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