Brown Bag AllStars Prime Example of How Some Of The Best Hip-Hop in 2017 Is Often The Most Overlooked

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In 2017's vast and prolific, rapid paced music world, there's more new music being recorded and released than ever before. Consequently navigating all this new music has become an increasingly harder task, even in just one genre. For example in hip-hop, due to the sheer volume of music coming out, the quality underground stuff typically gets lost in the mix and pushed aside for the heavily promoted and sponsored artists. Even though there's more great new hip-hop being made than ever before, the casual music fan never gets to hear most of it. In 2017 it is harder than ever to filter out the gems from the deluge of music been unleashed, and at such a fast pace.


In the 2017 music industry business model the discrepancy, in terms of exposure, between popular and underground artists is greater than ever before. And nowhere is that gap more evident and calculable than on YouTube, the online destination where virtually every song (music video or audio-only versions) will get posted and rated by the number of views and percentage ratio of thumbs up. It's an uneven playing field where popular hip-hop stars routinely get millions of clicks in weeks while non mainstream, quality hip-hop artists might only garner several thousand views.

In the case of the Brown Bag AllStars' latest YouTube posted single "11  Steps (feat. Tash of Tha Alkaholiks)," the amazing new (digital only but physical version on its way to Amoeba) track has only mustered up a miserable 78 YouTube views since the artists posted the audio on May 30th. And even with Soulspazm, Inc reposting the audio clip of the song to YouTube in past week, it's only gotten an additional 83 views. That's a total of 161 views in over two weeks for a killer new hip-hop track from the longtime talented Brooklyn collective comprised of The Audible Doctor, J57, Soul Khan, E Holla, and Deejay Element, and on a track featuring the mighty Tash from Tha Alkaholiks crew who is truly in top form on this new track.  Damn!

In sharp contrast to the Brown Bag AllStars undeserved lackluster YouTube viewer action, over on the pop end of hip-hop spectrum, the audio-only clip for the Def Jam released 2 Chainz' "4AM (feat Travis Scott)" off his new Pretty Girls Like Trap Music has rapidly racked up over a million hits since uploaded a week ago. 1,114,211 views as of time of publishing this Amoeblog.  And in case you think artists don't care about YouTube clicks and views since it does not necessarily translate into sales (physical or digital) you would be mistaken. Hence why over the past week DJ Shadow, upon seeing a Tweet by El P announcing that his 2016 video for "Nobody Speak" featuring Run The Jewels (from DJ Shadow's The Mountain Will Fall  also on LP/vinyl) ;had topped 10 million YouTube views, he proudly retweeted it with a link to innovative Sam Pilling directed, Mass Appeal backed video that is embedded below along with the audio-only clips by Brown Bag AllStars and 2 Chainz.

The Brown Bag AllStars "11 Steps" (feat. Tash of Tha Alkaholiks) (2017)


2 Chainz "4 AM (feat. Travis Scott)" audio only from the album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (2017)


DJ Shadow “Nobody Speak (feat. Run The Jewels)" from the album The Mountain Will Fall also on LP/vinyl (2016)

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