Five-Beer Mission to Explore Strange New Worlds

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Star Trek & Beers

By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

Turkish Star Trek"Human beings do not survive on bread alone, you poor, soulless creature, but on the nourishments of liberty. For what indeed is a man without freedom, naught but a mechanism, trapped in the cogwheels of eternity."

~ Harcourt “Harry” Fenton Mudd

Just as Manchego cheese is paired with Pinot Noir, five beers should be paired with watching the 1973 Turkish cult-classic Omer the Tourist in Star Trek (known simply to most as Turkish Star Trek), where the Enterprise picks up a goofy Turkish hobo and then must deal with a salt-sucking vampire. Despite being filmed six years before the official Star Trek motion picture, this mind-boggling movie is not shown at many sci-fi or foreign film festivals, but it has been known to teleport to Amoeba’s used movie section from time to time, or, as Cyndi Lauper would say, time after time.

Five beers also go very nicely with listening to Star Trek themed bands in the garage with your friends. Bands such as Thee Shatners (with an amazing B side on the LP), The Encounters, Warp 11, Stovokor, No Kill I, and The Vulcaneers (with their hit record Beat Me Off Scotty) are guaranteed to entertain guests for hours and non-Trek loving friends for at least a half an hour.

Or perhaps you want to kick your feet up on your ottoman while you smoke your pipe and drink five beers wearing that robe you got at Thrift Town (R.I.P.) for your old Invisible Man costume, while listening to the action-adventure children story records of Star Trek, Mr Spock’s Music from Outer Space, and Trek Bloopers on your 1980s Califone record player.

Thee Shatners Star Trek Adventure Records Trek Bloopers

Star Trek, MuddDid you think Harry Mudd was the worst/best character in the original series? And how did he make it in to two separate episodes?? Well, if you are one of the folks that believe that the 1973 animated series is actually the 4th season of the original series because so many of the original cast did the voices, you can see Harry for a third time, selling fake love crystals in the 10th episode, "Mudd’s Passion." Mudd! Mudd! I love…Mud!?

Have you ever listened to Damp Rock? Check out Slimy The Worm singing this hit song about mud!

Star Trek Animated Series, Blu-RayWhy not trade in your entire Mentors CD collection (you already have all their records on vinyl) and get the entire Star Trek animated series on DVD or Blu-ray and watch them tonight -- with five beers!

El Duce would approve.

Trek Tip: Nichelle Nichols will be at the Star Trek convention in Burlingame later this year, October 14-15, 2017!

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