Signed Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross & Gustavo Santaolalla LP Coming to Amoeba Hollywood This Earth Day

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Before the Flood signed soundtrack LP

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, we will now be auctioning off this item to the highest bidder at Amoeba Hollywood Saturday, 4/22 at 4pm. 

In addition to Saturday, April 22nd being Record Store Day, it's also Earth Day! At Amoeba Hollywood, we're making the most out of the day with a very special fundraising event benefiting TerraPass, a San Francisco-based organization founded to offset carbon emissions and foster climate change awareness. They do a lot of really cool stuff -- wind power initiatives,  turning garbage into electricity through landfill gas captures, and producing energy from farm animal waste -- in local communities across the country. So, we're pretty excited to have acquired a vinyl version of the soundtrack to the 2016 documentary Before The Flood signed by Academy Award-winning composers Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross & Gustavo Santaolalla; we will auction off our one copy this Saturday at 4pm from the stage with all proceeds going directly to TerraPass.

Released in 2016, Before the Flood was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Fisher Stevens, and friends to shine a light on the devastating impacts of climate change. Over the course of three years, the team traveled to locales around the world where residents are dealing with global warming and all its ills. In the documentary, DiCaprio et al. also take a look at some of the organizations working today to fight climate change, such as TerraPass.

Reznor, Ross, and Santaolalla worked together with Mogwai to create the film's distinctive soundtrack. The 3-LP vinyl soundtrack comes out on Friday, April 21st via Lakeshore, but if you're a fan of amazing soundtracks, any of the artists listed above, and taking care of the earth, the one day wait to pick up our signed Earth Day copy will be more than worth the wait.

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