New 'What's In My Bag?' Episode with Bobby Liebling of Pentagram

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"Right here is the boss, this is the boss," says Pentagram's Bobby Liebling, holding up a copy of Iggy and The Stooges' seminal proto-punk record Raw Power on his recent visit to Amoeba San Francisco. "I had a lot of personal time spent with him, tour bus, women, uh, the whole nine yards," Liebling says, going on to recount the first time he met Iggy at the age of 14, cleaning peanut butter off him after a Stooges show. "This is my favorite album in history, and it's probably the worst mix ever put down," he says laughing. "These people were my whole world, it was like 'someday, I'm gonna do this' and I never gave up."

Pentagram First Daze HereAmerican heavy metal band Pentagram are known as one of the pioneers of the doom metal subgenre. Founded in 1971 by the band's vocalist and sole constant member, Bobby Liebling, Pentagram went through a series of lineup changes and released a handful of 7"s before their self-titled studio debut came out in 1985. (The album was later re-titled Relentless.) Their sophomore LP, Day of Reckoning, further cemented their status as progenitors of the nascent doom genre upon its release in 1987.

Over the past three decades since their first album's release, Pentagram have slowly but steadily released well-regarded albums, with their latest studio LP being 2015's Curious Volume. Relapse released a compilation album, First Daze Here: The Vintage Collection, in summer 2016. Liebling is the subject of the 2011 documentary, Last Days Here, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. This spring, Pentagram are set to perform in select US cities.

Liebling also picked up a couple of Roky Erickson records: 1986's Don't Slander Me and 2004's Don't Knock The Rok!, which features a collection of cover tunes recorded in 1978. "Roky's great, a great musician and he's hardly ever gotten any all, let alone the credit he deserves," he says, calling him an "absolute, utter genius." Liebling also grabbed an LP of Making Contact by British hard rock band UFO who were also a "big, big influence" on him, as well as a live Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers record. "Johnny Thunders was someone I knew real well," Liebling tells us, "and God bless him, he's not with us anymore."

But which Velvet Underground record got Bobby Liebling into a lot of trouble? And just what is his favorite color? You'll have to watch the video below to find out:

Pentagram - What's In My Bag?
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