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AFI What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

Many people around the world, including the members of the California rock/punk band AFI, were sad to learn of the passing of Alan Vega, half of the influential New York electropunk duo Suicide. "What a rough past year we had, because we lost Alan," says lead singer Davey Havok as he holds up a vinyl reissue of Suicide's self-titled debut. Havok considers the band "wildly ahead of its time and cutting edge in what they were doing with electronics and soundscapes." Davey, Adam, and Hunter from AFI went shopping at Amoeba Hollywood before their in-store performance in January, and they gave us a glimpse into the work of some of their influences, current interests, and musical peers.

AFI formed in Ukiah, CA while its members were still in high school. They released their full-length debut, Answer That and Stay Fashionable, in 1995. The current lineup of Davey Havok, Adam Carson, Hunter Burgan, and Jade Puget solidified in 1998. AFI has steadily released albums throughout their three decade-spanning career, but it wasn't till their 2000 LP, The Art of Drowning, that they found mainstream success and a slot in the Billboard Top 200.

AFI the Blood Album Amoeba MusicTheir next album, Sing the Sorrow, did even better; the album reached number five on the Top 200 and stayed on the charts for just shy of a year. A string of hits followed, with Decemberunderground (2006), Crash Love (2009) and Burials (2013) all faring well in the Billboard charts. The band released AFI [The Blood Album] in mid-January 2017. AFI will be performing at select festival dates in North America and the United Kingdom this spring/summer.

Davey Havok's new project DREAMCAR (featuring Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, and Adrian Young of No Doubt) debuted their first single, "Kill For Candy," earlier this month and will soon be performing at Coachella, playing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and hitting the road for a west coast tour, with a record coming out May 12th on Columbia.

"Anyone who wants to know how psychedelia got to metal, Blue Cheer's kind of the linking band," says Adam Carson, of the late '60s San Francisco group. "While everyone was kind of coming down from their summer of love, these guys were playing really heavy and really, really loud." Hunter Burgan picked up the new A Tribe Called Quest record, which is their first new album in 18 years. "Listening to this, it just like picked up where they left off," he says. Also in their bags: the recently deceased Nigerian funk artist William Onyeabor, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and Spandau Ballet.

But which Rod Stewart album is the best according to Adam Carson? And what band does Davey Havok think is "horribly, egregiously underrated?" You'll have to watch the video to find out:

AFI - What's In My Bag?
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