Hear Our Voice: Write to Your Senator With Some Help From Amoeba

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The Women's March, 10 Actions 100 Days

The Women's March was spectacular. On January 21st, over one million in Washington, D.C. and over The Women's Marchfive million worldwide came to march, speak, and be heard/seen/counted. It was made clear in the U.S. that the election and the ensuing civil liberties-destroying madness don't represent the choices and opinions of every citizen. We marched hard and we wore vaginas on our heads, but unfortunately the fight doesn't end there. Since inauguration day, we've seen daily assaults to decency from the top down with the immigration ban, approved construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline, withholding of federal funds from sanctuary cities, Steve Bannon's installation to National Security Council as a permanent member of the principals committee, the firing of Attorney General Sally Yates, regular use of "alternative facts," and many more fresh hells served daily. It can be a daunting task just to get out of bed and check the news, but, as I covered in my last post, DOING SOMETHING is what's going to get us through this. DOING SOMETHING is what makes history.

The Women's March has launched a new campaign - 10 Actions For The First 100 Days and Amoeba Hear Our Voice postcardMusic is helping you get started with Action 1 of 10: write to your Senator!

We've got these handy Hear Our Voice postcards out in all three Amoeba locations (San Francisco, Berkeley, and Hollywood) at the registers and Info desks. All you need to do is to use them to write to your Senators about what matters most to you and how you’re going to continue to fight for it in the days, weeks, and months ahead. If you can't make it to an Amoeba store, you can always print this postcard out at home using the image HERE (or heck, just send your message on any ol' postcard). Write about an issue that you care about, whether it’s ending gender-based violence, reproductive rights and women’s health, LGBTQIA rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, religious freedom, environmental justice, or anything else. Don't know your Senators' mailing address? No problem! Find your it HERE on the Women's March website.

No muss, no fuss. Make history! And make sure you follow the next actions on

- Audra

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