A Playlist For Your Time Travel And Commute

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Historic F Market Train. SFMTA

By Brent James

When you’ve lived in a big city for an extended period of time, no matter where or when, you find yourself automatically adjusted to the normal, everyday droning sounds of sirens, car horns and the like. There are those of us that have let human (or inhuman, it’s case sensitive) screams become a part of everyday life because that’s how it is in the “Big City,” right? Wrong. Or at least, it doesn’t HAVE to be.

The hustle and bustle of a commute each and every day can be taxing, even if you don’t realize it. Taking the time to “stop and smell the roses” isn’t as easy as it used to be, and let’s face it -- doesn’t that look a little creepy anyway?

My advice when things get a bit jumbled upstairs is time travel. It’s easy, it’s relatively cheap and there are many eras to choose from! I’ve made a complete guide for a wonderful trip through time and space, and I’m about to share it with you so you too can step away for just a bit…

For our first trip, we find ourselves at the fabulous Embarcadero in Downtown San Francisco. There is a light drizzle, but the sun should be out a little later. For now though, the fog twirls in and out of the buildings saying hello and welcoming us to History!

Mamie Smith
Mamie Smith

We’ll be taking the historic F train outbound on Market Street and, for those visiting, there are multiple passes available to ride. Single cash ride is $2.50, including a transfer. Don’t get caught hopping on the back; you may get a ticket. Make sure you read the specific history for your particular car, as these are refurbished beauties from all over the world! Now, obviously you don’t want to get too carried away or buried too deep in any electronic devices on this trip. Pay attention while you have fun, as sadly this is NOT the 1920s. Yet.

I’ve compiled a list of songs that are just suggestions, but tunes that have gotten me through MANY a commute, or just a quick trip Uptown. Have a seat, push ‘play’, and allow me to present you with the secret of our “time travel” trip: look up. If you snap pics, take them in black and white if you desire, but LOOK. UP.

From the roaring 1920s to the flashy 1950s, here is your playlist. I’ll see you at the end of the trip…

Mamie Smith, “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”
Eddie Cantor, “All The Boys Love Mary”
Frank Crumit, “Palasteena”
Helen Kane, “I Want To Be Loved By You”
Arthur Gibbs & His Gang, “Charleston”
The Carter Family, “Keep On The Sunny Side”
Gene Austin, “Yes Sir! That’s My Baby”
George Olsen, “Varsity Drag”
Dock Boggs, “Sugar Baby”
Bing Crosby, “Pennies From Heaven”

Yves Montand
Yves Montand

Roy Acuff, “Wabash Cannonball”
Ruth Etting, “Ten Cents A Dance”
Louis Armstrong, “All Of Me”
Benny Goodman, “Goody Goody”
Isham Jones, “Stardust”
Red Norvo, “Please Be Kind”
Louis Armstrong, “When The Saints Go Marching In”
The Andrews Sisters, “Rum & Coca Cola”
Jimmy Dorsey, “Besame Mucho”
Sammy Kaye, “Daddy”
Glenn Miller, “That Old Black Magic”
Nat King Cole, “Mona Lisa”
Yves Montand, “Autumn Leaves”
Johnny Desmond, “C’est Si Bon”
Eddie Fisher, “Outside Of Heaven”
Guy Mitchell, “Chicka Boom”
Al Martino, “Now”
Georgia Gibbs, “Wallflower”
Bo Diddley, “I’m A Man”
Little Richard, “Long Tall Sally”
The Diamonds, “Little Darlin’”
Debbie Reynolds, “Tammy”
Perez Prado, “Patricia”Martin Denny Quiet Village
Johnny Otis, “Willie & The Hand Jive”
Bobby Darin, “Mack The Knife”
The Flamingos, “I Only Have Eyes For You”
Johnny Mathis, “Misty”
Martin Denny, “Quiet Village”
Johnny Horton, “Battle Of New Orleans”
Santo & Johnny, “Sleepwalk”

And here we are! Welcome back to your current time, I hope you enjoyed the trip! If you stayed on board for the entire journey, you now find yourself in the beautiful Castro district. Take your time getting back to your original destination or have a cocktail. You’re in good company!

Thanks for coming along, and be sure to check back in periodically. Our upcoming “time travel guides” will take you on a disco-drenched bar tour of the Castro District, a tye-dyed hippie extravaganza through the Haight-Ashbury district during the Summer of Love (in a '60’s VW bus, no less), and a cable car Christmas ride that has to be seen to be believed!

Until next…time.


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