1990's Promo Pics Pt IIX: N.W.A, Ice Cube, Westside Connection, Sister Souljah, B-Legit, Premiere, UNLV, E-A-Ski, Chill-E-B, Zion I

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The Westside Connection power trio, featuring Ice Cube, Mack 10, and WC, are photographed above in the 1990's promo pic along with Jamie Foxx during a 1997 shoot for The Jamie Foxx Show television show.  On that episode, that first aired on the WB network February 12th, 1997, the LA rap supergroup  did a four minute acting scene plus performed their (then current) single "Gangstas Make The World Go Round." That track was culled from their 1996 released album Bow Down whose other popular tracks included the funk-fueled title track hit single.

The Westside Connection promo pic is just one of three featuring Ice Cube in this latest 1990's Promo Pics Amoeblog series. The other two below are both from the artist's two-part War & Peace Pt. I + War & Peace Pt 2 album (also avail on vinyl/LP Vol 1 and vinyl/LP Vol 2) promo package in this latest series installment.  Also featured below is Cube's famous pioneering gangsta rap group N.W.A but after he had left the group to pursue his successful solo career and their membership was pared-down to the core quartet of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren.

Also included in the 90's promo pics below is one of the revolutionary and controversial female rapper Sister Souljah whose Todd Gray pic was taken for the promotion package of her 1992 album 360 Degrees of Power on Epic Records. As you may recall the NJ born artist first came to fame through her association with Public Enemy but would make a more lasting mainstream impression when in 1992, during that year's presidential campaign, Bill Clinton was publicly critical of her comments on race relations in America. This would go on to become known as in politicial terminolgy as a "Sister Souljah moment." Further controversy involved both her videos "The Hate that Hate Produced" and "The Final Solution: Slavery's Back in Effect" which were both banned by MTV (back when it actually played music videos all day). Another 90's female act included in this Amoeblog are mid nineties Bay Area Filipino R&B trio Premiere who were on the scene in the same period as Pinay (featured in a previous installment of this series).

As you may have noted, along with Premiere, the majority of the featured pics in this installment are of Bay Area artists, for Bay Area labels, and by Bay Area photographers including the photo by Timi D… of UNLV's Baldhead Rick and S.B. for Rebel Records and DogDay Records, and the press release photo of longtime Oakland producer/rapper E-A-Ski for InfraRed/Relativity by prolific Bay Area hip-hop photographer Victor Hall. Then there's Bay Area revolutionary rapper Chill E.B.'s promo pic by Carl Posey for Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label, plus the Hammer (post "MC" Hammer era and post Capitol Records era) of the Oakland artist for the Giant/Reprise/Warner promo photo taken by Mike Miller. The publicity/promo shot was to coincide with the artist's 1994 album The Funky Headhunter featuring the single/video "Pumps And A Bump" which would be the artist's last Top 40 hit single.

Other Bay rap/hip-hop artists below include B-Legit of The Click for the Vallejo rapper's 1996 solo album The Hemp Museum on Sick Wid It / Jive photo by Keba Konte who did a lot of Bay Area rap/hip-hop photography: a list that includes B-Legit's first cousin/crew mate  E-40Spice-1 and Celly Cel. Also from the Bay (by way of GA) is the nineties Zion I photo by photographer Amelia Gutierrez for Ground Control Records for when the unique hip-hop crew first migrated West from GA to the Bay Area and were still a trio with DJ K-Genius still in the fold. A duo for much of their lifespan, as of the past two years, since producer Amp Live who had migrated to LA officially split the crew to go 100% solo. Consequently only emcee Zumbi remains as the active (recording and touring) member of Zion I with the most recent group release, The Labryrinth on Jah Works, dropping a couple of months ago back in mid December 2016.

This eight installment in the ongoing series of 1990's promo pics of mostly hip-hop and rap but other genres too, follows such previous posts in this series as 1990's Promo Pics Part I 1990's Promo Pics Part II1990's Promo Pics Part III1990's Promo Pics Part IV,   1990's Promo Pics Part V1990's Promo Pics Part VI, and 1990's Promo Pics Part VII that have included such artists as Kid Capri A Tribe Called QuestDas EFX, The Roots, George Clinton  Masta Ace Incorporated,    Jeru the Damaja, Umar Bin Hassan and  Black Sheep.  to name but a few. The next / ninth part in this series, to be published in one week, will include 1990's record label promo pics of such artists as the San Francisco rapper Dre Dog (later to be known as Andre Nickatina), Sacramento rapper C-BO, Geto Boys member Bushwiick Bill, the long defunct Ohio funk-rock group Royal Crescent Mob, and late great funk/pop god Prince who was featured here on the Amoeblog this week in a story about the stack of upcoming 2017 Prince releases coming to Amoeba's shelves.

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