Schumer & Pelosi Revamp Alice Cooper's "Make America Sick Again" Slogan

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Earlier today when Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi unveiled their "Make America Sick Again" slogan, aimed at the anticipated actions of the GOP, they inadvertently revamped Alice Cooper's similarly worded, albeit tongue in cheek, slogan from the veteran rocker's most recent presidential run. That fun run from last year culminated in Cooper's performance of "Elected" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a week before the 2016 election. See video below of that fun rockin' performance, which mocked the Trump/Clinton presidential race and was part of Cooper's months long joke run for US president (as well as UK Prime Minister) with a tagline of "A Troubled Man for Troubled Times" on a platform of "no platform" except for that promise to "Make America Sick Again." However Alice Cooper's faux 2016 presidential campaign did feature a 10 point "manifesto." Included in those ten points were such election promises as no more pencils, no more books, getting Brian Johnson back in AC/DC, adding the face of Motorhead's Lemmy to Mount Rushmore, putting Groucho Marx on the $50 bill, and a ban on taking selfies, except on a designated National Selfie Day.

Today's appropriation of Alice Cooper's 2016 slogan by the Democrats was a lot more literal and a lot less fun than the Detroit born rocker's usage. As reported by such outlets as the Washington Post, the new slogan was announced by the NY and CA Democrats via memo following a closed door meeting with President Obama regarding their party's plan to counter attack the GOP's plan to repeal and replace the entire current health care system. The Democrats predict that after January 20th insurance premiums will increase greatly while, medical benefits for the poor will begin to evaporate. “Republicans are going to make America sick again by offering no health care plan to the American people and actually dismantling Medicare, Medicaid as well as the ACA,” read today's memo in part.

Alice Cooper "Elected" (live in Hollywood on Jimmy Kimmel Live!) (2016)

2016 was just the latest election cycle that Alice Cooper ran for president as a joke. That joke by the 68 year old rocker dates all the way back to 1972 when he released his hit single "Elected" (video of original '72 version below) back when Nixon was in the White House and Vietnam was the ongoing American war. A hit single in the US and UK, "Elected" (B-side: "Luney Tune") was the follow up to Cooper's even bigger hit single "School's Out" which was the title track from School's Out album (also on vinyl/LP). As an album track "Elected" appeared on the following year's Billion Dollar Babies album. That 1973 rock album has been reissued a few times since, most recently in mid October 2016 via Rhino Custom on green yellow orange marble colored vinyl.  Both "School's Out" and "Elected" also appear on such collections as the 1988 Alice Cooper Greatest Hits CD.

Alice Cooper "Elected" (1972) from Billion Dollar Babies & such albums as Alice Cooper Greatest Hits   

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