The Best "What's In My Bag?" Episodes of 2016

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The Best  "What's In My Bag?" episodes of 2016

Season 9 of What's In My Bag? kicked off with our first double feature - one episode featuring all the members of Future Islands and a second video with the lead singer, Sam Herring, devoted to his hip hop picks. And from there we barreled headlong into the first weeks of 2016 with several of our favorite episodes, including Savages, The Internet, and Flea & Amy-Jo Albany. We had a lot of fun this season and we were fortunate enough to talk to an electronic music pioneer, a celebrated film director, a Supreme, a Japanese artist and producer, a fashion designer, and many, many more. 

Here are our 15 favorite episodes from season 9. Enjoy and thanks for watching!!


The Internet

The six members of LA-based soul band The Internet definitely brought the fun while sharing a few of the artists and albums that impacted them growing up. Their lighthearted goofiness and easy dynamic was pure entertainment, but their picks were genuine and from the heart.


Duran Duran

Back in 2009, we shot an episode with Simon Le Bon and John Taylor at Amoeba San Francisco. We were stoked to have all four members of the band for an updated episode this year. They talked about their little known connection to Led Zeppelin, the artist they listened to for inspiration, one of the all-time greatest record covers, and lots more. Plus, Simon does some pretty stellar impressions of Die Antwoord and Tame Impala.


Vince Staples

Long Beach rapper Vince Staples proved to have a wide range of picks in his "What's In My Bag?" episode, which featured a Fergie CD, a Led Zeppelin live album, a Strawberry Switchblade T-shirt, and a Howard the Duck figurine. Vince also spilled the beans on the inspiration for his latest album: Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, and created a spontaneous television spot for Amoeba. Thanks, Vince!


Modern Baseball

Philadelphia pop-punk band Modern Baseball were charming, funny, knowledgeable, and displayed an unexpected level of insight into Paul Blart: Mall Cop. They also picked up several Spielberg movies, film soundtracks, and power pop records. And they introduced us to the Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise. Yes, that is a real thing.


Kid Congo Powers

With his affable cool, subtle sense of humor, and sincere affection for his picks, it was a pleasure watching Kid Congo Powers, a veteran of such monumental groups as The Gun Club, The Cramps, and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, share his influences and interests. Be sure to check out his 45s picks at the end!


Silversun Pickups

LA-based indie four-piece Silversun Pickups fed their soundtrack addiction in this episode, picking up the scores to The Neon Demon, Under the Skin, You're Next, and It Follows. This marks the second time the It Follows soundtrack appears in one of our best episodes of the year. The band also shared their eclectic tastes, spanning from Radiohead to J Dilla and from Can to Aphex Twin.


Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands

When self-proclaimed hip hop head Sam Herring of Future Islands went shopping at Amoeba San Francisco, it became clear we needed to dedicate an entire episode to his hip hop picks. He shared stories about mail ordering hip hop tapes as a teenager and proceeded to drop some serious knowledge about hip hop from all different time periods and regions. Watch and learn!


Sunn O)))

Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) and Southern Lord Records pulled out some supremely heavy LPs by bands like Grief and Incantation. But the guitarist also revealed his current obsession with Bernard Herrmann's soundtracks for the films Vertigo and Taxi Driver. Not only that, he also shared the story of hearing Black Sabbath for the first time, during his sixth grade crush's show and tell at school.


Death Angel

Mark Osegueda, singer for Bay Area thrash metal band Death Angel, shared with us his favorite heavy metal and hard rock albums, as well as his love for PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, and Elton John. This genuine and entertaining interview proved that even the most badass of frontmen can still be gracious and sentimental.



The British Post-punk band came hunting for hip hop, electronic, avant garde, and classic independent cinema -- and that was just their first four picks!! There's a lot to dig into here with deep cuts in jazz, doom rock, comics, books & plenty more. If you're unfamiliar with Savages, be sure to watch the Silversun Pickups episode as they recount the face-melting experience of seeing Savages in concert for the first time.


Theo Parrish, Zernell & Marcellus Pittman

Three house DJs walked into a record store and the result was one of the most information-packed, entertaining episodes we've done. Their energy and passion was instantly obvious and completely infectious. They gave us a history lesson in house and disco music, talked about the importance of knowing your records, found an LP on the collectible wall mid-interview, and so much more.


Flea and Amy-Jo Albany

Flea and Amy-Jo Albany are friends and collaborated together on Low Down, a film about Amy-Jo's father, jazz pianist Joe Albany. This episode was unexpected for a few reasons. Most of the picks were centered around jazz and classical music, which may be a surprise if you are only know Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But it was also an earnest and emotional episode with the pair talking about falling in love with Bach, Bowie's ability to interpret other people's songs, and the transcendent power of J Dilla.


Saul Williams

This was another artist we featured back in the early days of our series (2008, in fact). We were delighted to update his episode, and as you might expect when interviewing an acclaimed rapper, poet, actor, writer, and musician, you're going to end up with a beautifully articulated eclectic mix of music, movies, and spoken word. Whether it's describing the musical similarities between Thelonious Monk's phrasing and J Dilla, musing on James Earl Jones' stage presence, reflecting on John Cassavetes' filmmaking or championing Steven Wright's comedy, Williams always had a profound and perceptive way of sharing his picks with us.


Sebastian Bach

Quite possibly the most quotable "What's In My Bag?" episode to date, metal legend Sebastian Bach's enthusiastic, whirlwind tour of his "happy place" (aka Amoeba) turned out to be informative (first pressings, Japanese editions, vinyl restoration with wood glue, male posteriors on Rush album covers), and was also very personal. Bach shared some of the records that influenced him growing up, and even found the very first album he ever bought -- an LP he hasn't seen since that first purchase. "Ch-ching, for the win! Pow!"


Earl Sweatshirt & Samiyam

This was one of our most viewed episodes of Season 9, and it's one of our absolute favorites. The friends and collaborators had a great dynamic together and were also super knowledgeable. Their picks were also incredibly interesting, ranging from cult movies to gospel records, with albums by The Residents, Dollar Brand, and Todd Rundgren in between. Plus, it's the first time banana bread has appeared in one of our episodes.


We'll see you in 2017 for Season 10 and our 500th episode!!!

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