New "What's In My Bag?" Episode with Greg Anderson of Sunn O)))

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What was the first thing Sunn O)))'s Greg Anderson picked up during his recent visit to Amoeba Hollywood? That would be the super deluxe edition of Black Sabbath's seminal sophomore album, Paranoid. "This is (an) incredibly important band and album," says the guitarist and co-founder of Southern Lord Records, who also comments "everything kind of starts and ends" with Sabbath for him.

Sunn O))) Kannon Amoeba MusicSunn O))) formed in the late ‘90s, becoming legendary figures in the metal scene through their innovative incorporation of elements from doom, drone, ambient, noise rock, and black metal. Founders Stephen O'Malley (Khanate, Burning Witch) and Greg Anderson (Goatsnake, Engine Kid) originally teamed up as a Los Angeles-based Earth tribute band before honing their unique sound and releasing their debut full-length ØØ Void in 2000 via Hydra Head. The duo’s next offering was 2002’s 3:Flight of the Behemoth.

The band has released a mix of studio LPs, live albums, and collaborative releases steadily ever since, with the majority of their releases via their own Southern Lord Records label. Notable collaborations include those with Merzbow, Scott Walker, Ulver, Xasthur, and Boris. Performing in hooded robes, with fog machines, and extremely high levels of volume, Sunn O))) have crafted a distinctive stage presence. The band has appeared at ATP New York, Le Guess Who?, and Primavera Sound. Their most recent album is 2015’s Kannon.

"Lately I got really obsessed with Bernard Herrmann and his soundtracks, specifically for Vertigo," says Anderson. He finds the acclaimed composer's work to be both dark and heavy, and calls the pacing of Alfred Hitchcock's film almost drug-like. "I started listening to the Vertigo soundtrack in my car when I'm driving, and I find it to be a lot more calming." Anderson also picked up Herrmann's final score for Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. Though he's been a fan of the film for quite some time, he was only recently aware that Herrmann did the soundtrack. Anderson also picked up some Grief records, who he says are "like the Melvins on Quaaludes," and a live Miles Davis record from his On The Corner period, an album that he considers one of Davis' best from his electric phase.

The weekend of December 17-18 Anderson is co-producing The Power Of The Riff festival at Los Angeles' Regent Theater. The festival will feature headliners Wolves In The Throne Room and Neurosis, as well as Incantation, whose album Infernal Storm Anderson also picked up on his trip to Amoeba.

But just who was it that introduced Greg Anderson to Black Sabbath in the sixth grade? And which band is one of his favorites from his hometown of Seattle? You'll have to watch the video to find out:

Sunn O))) - What's In My Bag?
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