2016: Year of the Listening Party at Amoeba SF

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Listening Parties at Amoeba San Francisco

By Brent James

Although Amoeba Music is known for the hot live acts that grace the stages in all three brick and mortar store locations, our listening parties are quickly gaining momentum in popularity and rivaling their cousins, the artist signings, in both attendance and presentation.

This year has seen the most listening party events ever in the San Francisco store, each one bringing an ever-growing number of people out and escalating in production. The idea is nothing new; in fact, the very concept recalls "sock hops" and "pizza/record parties" of the '50s and '60s -- the heyday of vinyl records. And in this digital age, where one can listen to anything they want, WHEN they want, it's refreshing to see people come in and hear something for the first time with their peers.

They sit and discuss the record, and compare notes. "I like coming to the parties because I get to meet new people, and there's cookies," says Amoeba customer Christine LaBianca, who has attended the last SIX Amoeba SF listening party events!

Delicious treats are just the literal icing on the (Tame Impala) cake. The parties are usually also accompanied by fabulous contests with even more amazing prizes. Special limited releases are sometimes also available. During the Twin Peaks and Stranger Things soirees, guests had first crack at vinyl versions of the soundtrack. 

From The Monkees to Wilco to A Tribe Called Quest, each party brings its own special magic and, even better, a community together. It's what Amoeba is all about. Keep an eye on for upcoming listening parties and give one a spin!

Stranger Things Listening Party at Amoeba SF
A customer in the spirit at the Stranger Things listening party at Amoeba SF.
The Monkees listening party
Fabulous prizes at The Monkees listening party.
Fabulous treats at The Monkees listening party.
Wilco listening party
Wilco listening party: Swagtastic.
Twin Peaks listening party at Amoeba SF
Damn fine Twin Peaks listening party.
Tame Impala listening party at Amoeba SF
Tame Impala cake FTW!


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