Amoeba Music Berkeley Among Premier Bay Area Destinations For New Golden State Warriors Star Kevin Durant

Posted by Billyjam, October 24, 2016 03:30pm | Post a Comment
New Bay Area resident and recently signed Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant spent the weekend exploring (and seemingly loving) the Bay with premier destinations including a visit to Amoeba Music in Berkeley. See pictures from KD's adventures around the Bay.

Online posts to Reddit and Twitter last week asking for tips on what to do in his newly adapted Bay Area home, including suggestions on "dope record stores," resulted in the NBA star doing some crate digging at the East Bay Amoeba store on Telegraph Ave. where he was joined by popular Bay Area hip-hop artist Sage The Gemini. Both are pictured in a photo Durant posted to his Twitter account over the weekend. And last night the music loving/BART-riding basketball star, who is on the cover of the new (Nov. 3) issue of Rolling Stone, was up front in the mosh pit at the Kanye West concert in Oakland where he got mobbed by fans and shouted-out by Yeezy from onstage.

In July the 28-year old MVP award winner made headlines when he announced he would leave Oklahoma City Thunder to sign a lucrative $54.3 million 2 year contract with the Warriors, with a player option after the first year. His signing to join the Oakland based team with fellow NBA superstar Steph Curry gave the Golden State Warriors one of the greatest starting lineups in NBA history. With the new 2016-17 NBA season kicking off this week, KD has finally fully relocated to the Bay Area and begun to familiarize himself with the area, with a little help from his fans.  On Thursday he went on Reddit posting,  "Its KD. New to the area, still tryin' to get my feet wet and want to know what places in The Bay to check out...." In a separate post he noted how he's into music shopping, asking about,  "Any dope record stores … you would suggest?" A few days earlier he had sent out a similar request via his Twitter account when he Tweeted, "Getting familiar with my new city. Tell me what I’m going to love most about The Bay." Both requests resulted in him being inundated with suggestions, many of them mentioning Amoeba Music in San Francisco and Berkeley. "If you haven't been to Amoeba Music it's a great spot for diggin' vinyl of all genres," suggested one fan while another suggested SFMOMA, the Museum of African Diaspora, and checking out visiting Chicago artist Chance The Rapper's Bay Area appearances over the weekend.

Durant clearly took the time to read all of the fans' suggestions and on Saturday he Tweeted how, "Everything about this city keeps getting better. Hitting the streets today!" Then yesterday, under the tag "Exploring," he posted several pics online including his visit to Amoeba Berkeley. There he was joined by Fairfield rapper/producer Sage The Gemini who is best known for his 2013 hit single "Gas Pedal" featuring fellow HBK Gang member IAMSU! and found on the artist's album Remember Me (Empire).

Word of KD's Amoeba stop got a lot of feedback online including from Reddit member and Bay Area hip-hop fan Kinefresh who posted, "My man! I'd flip the fuck out if I saw you chillin in the hip hop section at Amoeba. Would be dope to talk shop about some underground Bay hip hop with you though. I think you'd feel cats like The Grouch, Zion I, Latyrx/Quannum, Hiero, Mistah Fab, Bored Stiff, etc."

Last night, Sunday evening, KD finished his fun first official Bay Area weekend, that included riding BART, at what will be his new place of work, Oakland's Oracle Arena for the first of two Kanye West Oakland concerts.  "KD I see you down there!," announced Kanye, stopping the music momentarily, pointing down to the packed and crazy wild mosh pit up front with KD in the thick of it all. Kanye West will be back again tonight for the second Oakland night of The Saint Pablo Tour.  Meantime Kevin Durant will be back at Oracle Arena tomorrow evening (October 25th) at 7:30pm for the NBA new (71st) season opener when the Golden State Warriors will host the San Antonio Spurs. Availability of tickets found here.


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