Avant-Garde Music Collection Arrives at Amoeba Hollywood October 22

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Avant-Garde CD Sale

We are very excited to announce that we've acquired the amazing CD collection of LA Free Music Society member Juan Gomez! This one-of-a-kind collection will be on display and available for sale at Amoeba Hollywood starting Saturday, October 22nd. Juan's collection leans toward the catalog of mindfully experimental artists with classical influence, with many obscure releases and long out-of-print titles among the assemblage. It features over 700 pieces, including hard-to-find gems from artists such as Philip Glass and Olga Neuwirth, as well as labels Kairos, ECM New Series, Wergo, and Neos.

Avant-Garde Music Collection at Amoeba Hollywood

Los Angeles Free Music SocietyJuan Gomez, as an early adapter and member of the improvisational LAFMS collective, has always had an interest in contemporary music of all kinds. His taste for modernism also drew him into the musical landscape of 20th century avant-garde composers and thus inspired his interest in collecting their recordings early on. As a young man, the recordings he experienced at his local library of Arnold Schoenberg, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and John Cage helped to strongly influence his music buying tastes.

Juan has played in various rock bands in the LA area, most notably Human Hands and The Romans, and he has an equally deep and long-standing interest in rock and Jazz, with Jazz (of every kind) being almost the stronger of the two in terms of his listening passion. He finds that he prefers playing rock more than listening to it, though he does maintain a very healthy collection that includes artists from Kevin Ayers to Frank Zappa. Today, he can still be found at music concerts and events of all kinds in the LA area, including an upcoming gig by Thumbscrew, as part of the Angel City Jazz Festival.

This CD collection hits the Hollywood sales floor Saturday, October 22. Be sure to come early to get your hands on some of these auditory treasures!

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