Akumaizer 3: Tokusatsu Friends Forever

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Akumaizer 3

- By Kai Wada Roath
Ambassador of Confusion Hill and host of the Super Shangri-La Show

"The world is far, the world is wide, the man needs someone by his side..."
-- Eden Ahbez, "The Wanderer"

Akumaizer 3One must ponder if the nature boy Eden Ahbez wrote the lyrics to "The Wanderer" while sitting in lotus position in the famous cave at Leo Carrillo beach in Malibu back in 1960 and astral-projecting his spirit out into the pacific ocean, past the waves and into the future. Fifteen years into the future to be exact, to the floating kingdom of Japan, for it would be there in 1975 that Toei Studios would release the tokusatsu tv series Akumaizer 3, about a half human/half demon hero named Xavitan, who needed someone by his defeat the evil Akuma "Devil" Clan that is!

Those two by his side would soon be none other that his super-demon goofy buddies turned good, Iburu, a yellow-dressed fancy-pants who like to blast bad guys with his famous Jo Gun, and Gabura, a blubbery water demon who seems to always spring leaks and can transform into a huge dorky ostrich-type monster. (Gabura also looks like a giant chocolate soft-serve from a Sizzler dessert station.) At the climax of every battle scene, the three heroes combine forces and use their fencing swords together (cue three musketeers theme) against the Akuma Clan.

The Akuma Clan, naturally, are a race of magical cyborg demons who live deep down within the earth, and plot to take over the surface world in pretty much every episode. The three heroes all have great character flaws and "mother issues," but hey, don't we all? They are sometime helped by a human-sized female fairy named Darunia. In some episodes, l wonder if she is being played by a guy in the costume, but that hasn't seem to stop the many Darunia fantasy art works; perhaps it enhances her mystery for the artists.

Darunia likes to appear out of nowhere, often when the chips are down for the three fellas and randomlyDarunia when they're getting licked by the bad guys. She actually seems to have some of the most powerful powers on the show. Other than being a fairy, Darunia is also a member of the Demon Peace Party (which I wish I could register for this upcoming election) and one can tell by her remarks and body language on the show that she most likely has a special toy hidden in the back of her sock drawer that she's named after her crush, Xavitan.

If you think Ultraman is a tad Ultra-boring, and you want to up your weirdness in rare 1970's Japanese superheroes, buy Akumizer 3 on DVD! Volume 1 has 8 episodes on it and it will make Stranger Things seem as tame as Mr. Belvedere. Also, the same mysterious company that released this (they have left their information off the packaging in case the Akuma Clan reads this review) has also put out DVDs of the Japanese Super Sentai series Battle Fever J and other hard to find Japanese superhero shows that can be found in the movie department full of cinematic treasures at your favorite single-celled named record store [AMOEBA -- ed.]. By Thundaar's Sun sword, I swear you will dig it!

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