New "What's in My Bag?" Episode with Allah-Lahs

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Allah-Lahs - What's In My Bag? Amoeba Music

We recently had the pleasure of having modern garage rock band (and former Amoebites) Allah-Lahs here at Amoeba Hollywood. That's right, not only are they one of the coolest bands around town, but three of the four members are Amoeba alums! When asked what record he was always looking for while working at the store, drummer Matthew Correia answered, "I was always imagining the day when I was gonna find some original Spacemen 3 records." That day never came, but the guys did find some other great albums on their latest visit.

Allah-Lahs Calico Amoeba MusicAllah-Las consisit of vocalist/guitarist Miles Michaud, guitarist/vocalist Pedrum Siadatian, bassist/vocalist Spencer Dunham, and drummer/vocalist Matthew Correia. In 2011 the quartet released their first 7", "Catamaran/Long Journey," featuring production by old school soul-inspired singer and guitarist Nick Waterhouse. A year later, the band released their self-titled debut for Innovative Leisure, which was also produced by Waterhouse.

That same year the band embarked on their most extensive tour yet, with dates scheduled on the East Coast and in Europe. Their sophomore album, Worship the Sun, came out in 2014. Their most recent release is 2016's Calico Review, out via Mexican Summer, and we have it on limited edition Amoeba Exclusive WHITE vinyl! The band are on tour this summer throughout the US, with a European tour planned for fall.

"I picked this one out because of the cover art," says Michaud holding Chitra Neogy's The Perfumed Garden. He hasn't heard it yet, but according to the cover she is an actress from Uganda of Indian descent. "It's only $2.99, it's sometimes worth just taking a risk on something like that." Correia picks up a couple of local records, including Death Valley Girls' Glow In The Dark and Ariel Pink's pom pom (one of his favorite LA-based musicians). Dunham finds an Ethiopian compilation off the Mississippi Records label, and Siadatian picks another "wild card record" by a band called Pussy.

But which record did Siadatian grab that he had been trying to find for years? And which legendary South African trumpeter did the band run into at the Los Angeles International Airport? You'll have to watch the video to find out:

Allah-Las - What's In My Bag?
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