Mackned Seeks to Conquer Beyond the Digital Sphere with his Debut Album "Born Rich"

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Mackned-- By doubleay

Seattle-based artist Mackned has been making waves in the digital realm of underground hip-hop for several years and is now looking to extend his reach with the release of his debut album, Born Rich. The duality of Mackned’s rapping and vocal capabilities have garnered his digital releases tens of thousands of views, generating a ton of buzz in the underground scene. The multifaceted artist’s dynamic vocals and songwriting skills present a substantial depth to his music that is often not heard in other artists’ works in underground rap music. A talent to be reckoned with, Mackned typically has his hands on all aspects of his music. Whether writing, rapping, singing, or producing, he’s constantly working to create. Both his countless solo releases and stand out collaborations with his Thraxxhouse group have driven him to connect with reputable rappers along the likes of Chief Keef, Larry June, and Nacho Picasso, and producers Ryan Hemsworth and Tommy Kruise. After making a name for himself in the digital underground, Mackned seeks to conquer beyond with his album debut. To find out more about Born Rich and the man behind the project, I interviewed Mackned.

Amoeblog: Tell me about your debut album, Born Rich. Who were you working with and where were you recording?

Mackned: Well, I was working with Flavr Blue. I had a lot of homies in the studio with me help writing and it was all just so organic. A lot of the album was recorded in NYC which made it brazy. Besides myself, my go-to engineer is Parker Joe who is one of the trio Flavr Blue. There were a couple features on there including my big homies up in Canada and some others. Keyboard Kid co-produced the track “Born Rich” on the album, which I thought was cool seeing how he’s in my group Thraxxhouse.

Amoeblog: All of your projects have been solid releases. What made you decide Born Rich was going to be your album debut? How did you approach it differently compared to your past releases like Hurt Cobain 1 & 2, Female, and Celebrity Etiquette?

Mackned: It was my first album that was mixed and mastered by professionals. It took time. It was a collective effort. I tried to make it a timeless album, which is something you don’t see nowadays. But I love all my records, believe me. Born Rich is just the ticket, if you understand me.

Mackned - “White Mountains”


Amoeblog: A majority of your fanbase is digitally oriented due to your Soundcloud following, but -- atypical to many digitally oriented artists -- you seem to have a lot of support from your hometown. What’s it like being a rap artist in a city like Seattle where a hip-hop scene isn't so established? How has Seattle influenced you?

Mackned: I mean, realistically, I grew up listening to Gucci Mane, Lil B, Future, and all kinds of down South rap, but to me it was just music. So with that being said, I just never judged music differently; it’s all sounds. Nirvana was great to hear as a kid, Pearl Jam, Wolfmother, hahaha. Whatever was playing, I would listen and take notes. That’s what influenced me -- diversity.

Mackned ft. Key Nyata & Nacho Picasso - “Future Trunks”


Amoeblog: I feel as though being a fairly established artist in both your city and on the web, there must be a wide range of elements factoring into your music. Who are some of your Seattle influences that have taught you more about music, style, and approach to the industry? Also curious as to who in the digital realm has influenced your sound as well as maybe guided you with tips and skills to approach music in the digital world. I’m sure Nacho Picasso is a great friend to have for all of the above.

Mackned: Lol. Funny you say that. I was gonna say Nacho Picasso influenced me, not necessarily flow-wise or rap-wise, but in how to maintain my superstar status and grow on it. He started something, he opened doors, so I followed in his footsteps and took off in my own right. illChris is like who you go to when you need that new fit. He’s the man for that. You can’t get dipped in the city without tapping in with Chris. Too many influences to name. The list is too long.

Amoeblog: Your sound is far more diverse and multifaceted than many underground artists at your tier. Do you favor rapping over your more vocals songs?

Mackned: I love to do both. When I harmonize, it’s fun. When I rap, it’s fun. It’s therapeutic for the fans and myself. It’s a win-win.

Mackned - “I Love Money” (Prod. Ryan Hemsworth)


Amoeblog: You’ve got just under 100 releases on your Soundcloud featuring artists along the likes of your Thraxx associates, producers Tommy Kruise, Ryan Hemsworth, Nacho Picasso, Sir Michael Rocks, Larry June, and more. All of those connections make sense considering your history as a digital artist, but a huge stand out is your track “Polly Pockets” featuring Chief Keef. How did your Chief Keef feature come about?

Mackned: That happened because we share a producer [ShakirSoBased]. Someone had released a rough draft version of “Polly Pockets” with Keef by himself so we asked up the GBE chain and I got the okay! So "Polly Pockets" turned out to be a great song and that’s history!!

Amoeblog: Another stand-out release of yours is your collaboration with Seattle’s The Flavr Blue. The track, “G Funk” is impressive, both your sounds merge so well in an unexpected fashion. How’d that song come about?

Mackned: Simple. The Flavr Blue recorded my first song ever [Sb’s "On The Chevy"] I believe three years ago? So we’ve been organic from the jump. That’s family.

Mackned - “Buy the Pain” (Prod. Flavr Blue)


Amoeblog: Any other noteworthy collaborations or features with underground artists or bigger, more mainstream oriented projects you’ve been working on?

Mackned: Really, I got some crazy mainstream producers that have been working with me and those songs are brazy. I’ll be dropping a mixtape soon.

Amoeblog: I know you have pretty deep roots in music. Your father played funk music, and Kenny G is your god father. Both have to be a big influence. Tell me about what it was like growing up with so much music in your life.

Mackned: Yea man...I used to go downstairs and hear all them jamming out in the basement. That was crazy. All I can say about that is I got huge shoes to fill.

Amoeblog: I heard Kenny G is a pretty huge patron and advocate for Starbucks, will we ever catch Ned up in HQ? How are you rocking with Seattle’s first coffee?

Mackned: I love Starbucks! hahahahah. You may hear Mackned in Starbucks soon! Hopefully!

Amoeblog: Any exciting stories you wanna share involving Kenny G? Would you ever collaborate and lay down a verse over some of the smoothest sax playing this generation has ever known?

Mackned: I mean, s***. He’s the man. He’s literally the man. He’s a wonderful business man and just a great example of how to handle this business. Yea, I’ll get all Hurt Cobeezy on the sax joint! hahaha

Amoeblog: As Born Rich hits the shelves, what’s next for you? Can we expect a tour, more music, what’s the move?

Mackned: Tour soon. Born Rich is already getting distributed it’s on Apple music, Amazon, in stores, etc. Tour is coming we are actually setting it up now. It’s exciting!!!! Born Rich tour baby! hahahah

Amoeblog: Anything else you want to share or include in the interview?

Mackned: Shout out to Amoeba for paying attention to the up and coming!! Appreciate y’all!

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