1990's Promo Pics Pt IV: The Roots, Ras Kass, Volume 10, Skee-Lo, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Mack E.L., 12 Gauge, Terminator X + more

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The Roots 1994 DGC publicity photo by T. Eric Monroe was to promote the Philly crew's first album for Geffen Do You Want More?!!!??! released in Jan 1995, and more recently reissued as 2LP vinyl version

Part 4 in the ongoing 1990's Promo Pics Amoeblog series, this installment includes press/publicity photos of The Roots, Ras Kass, Volume 10, Skee-Lo, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Mack E.L., 12 Gauge, Cruseville Productions, U Know Who, and Terminator X and his various Godfathers Of Threatt collaborators for the Public Enemy member's solo project release Super Bad for RAL (Rush Associated Labels). That 1994 album's numerous contributors included Whodini, DJ Kool Herc, Fantastic Five, Joe Sinister, and the Cold Crush Brothers.  These mid-nineties hip-hop artist photos were sent out by record company press/publicity departments as well as some independent publicists working for the labels or artists. Mailed out to radio, television and print media outlets, they typically preceded album release dates by 4 to 8 weeks and were accompanied by a cassette or CD or vinyl advance copy of an artist's album or its lead-single such as with the Skee-Lo pic and bio.  The promo photos and music (plus videos in the case of TV stations) were accompanied by press releases and bios on the artists.

The Roots package from late 1994 contained two slightly different versions of their bio: one from NYC publicity company Inner Circle Communications run by Ursula Smith and Aimee Morris, and the other from the David Geffen Company (DGC). The label had signed the now iconic live hip-hop group and the bios and press photo were to promote the Philly group's DGC debut album Do You Want More?!!!??! (avail 2LP vinyl). The group's actual debut album, Organix, had been self-released two years earlier. Back in '94 the lineup, which has included many more artists in the years since passing through its ranks, was officially a quartet, as per the press pic above, although just three were on the album cover (right). These included the two founding members Black Thought and Questlove who then went by B.R.O. the R. ?  The Ras Kass promo was for his 1994 (pre Priority) PatchWerk Recordings single "Won't Catch Me Runnin'"/"Remain Anonymous." Meanwhile the photo for Rodney O & Joe Cooley, who by the mid 90's were already hip-hop music vets, was to promote their greatest hits package Everlasting Hits (React/Westfunk) that was so titled after their 1988 hit single "Everlasting Bass."  Photographers, credited wherever possible, included Dany Nieves who shot photo of South Florida rapper Mack E.L.,  Johnny Buzzerioe who shot Georgia based artist 12 Gauge (whose big hit at the time was "Dunkie Butt") and Gary Spector who too the photos of Terminator X and all of the collaborating artists that made up the Godfathers Of Threatt.

Volume 10  1994 pic for LA artist's debut album Hip-Hopera on Immortal/RCA

Ras Kass
"Remain Anonymous"/"Won't Catch Me Runnin'" 1994 (PatchWerk)

Rodney O & Joe Cooley 1995 photo from Def Press to promote Everlasting Hits (React/Westfunk)

Terminator XThe Godfathers Of Threatt including Whodini, DJ Kool Herc, Fantastic Five
and the Cold Crush Brothers and Joe Sinister. (RAL) 1994 photos by Gary Spector

Skee-Lo 1995 (Sunshine/Scotti Brothers) I Wish   photo by J.J. Jones

12 Gauge self-titled debut 1994 (Street Life Records) photo by Johnny Buzzerio

Mack E.L. 1994 album Get On It (P.F.P./Ichiban)  photo by Dany Nieves

Cruseville Productions Prayn' For Forgiveness (The Ville Records) 1994

U Know Who Dark Shadow (Wrap/Ichiban) 1994 photo by Debbie "Deb" Dallas, TX

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